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Biotech GM Seeds Buccaneers Destroy India's Rice Economy

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Chemical Formed in Irradiated Food Damages DNA-a, Recent Study Reveals

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Codex Alimentarius - Power Play for Control of the Global Food Supply & Natural Health Industry

Codex Alimentarius - Power Play for Control of the Global Food Supply

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Concentrated Market Power and Agricultural Trade - 2006

Concentration and Technology in Agricultural Input Industries

Concentration in Agricultural Markets

Consolidation in Food Retailing and Dairy - Implications for Farmers and Consumers in a Global Food System

Consolidation in the Food and Agriculture System

Contaminated - The New Science of Food - You Tube

Corporate Agribusiness Is Behind Our Deadly Food Supply

Corporate Agribusinesses Have Taken Control of the Entire Food System

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Corporate Power - Agrofuels and the Expansion of Agribusiness

Corporations Control Your Dinner

Criminal Investigation of Monsanto Corporation

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Dangers of Genetic Engineering in Agriculture

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Directory of Major Food Multinationals & Global Food Operators 2002

Dirty Secrets of the Food Processing Industry

DNA Patents Create Monopolies on Living Organisms

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Doomsday Seed Vault in the Arctic

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Feeding or Fooling the World - Can GM Really Feed the Hungry

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Genes From Engineered Grass Spread for Miles, Study Finds

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Genetically Engineered Foods May Cause Rising Food Allergies

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Genetically Engineered Seeds of Controversy - Percy Schmeiser

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Genetically Modified Food Animals Coming

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Global Food Companies Achieve Quasi-Monopolies

Global Food Companies Are the Primary Beneficiaries of Selective Trade Liberalization in Agriculture

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A. Moksel AG

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Meiji Dairies Corporation

Meiji Seika Kaisha, Ltd.

Morinaga Milk Industry Company Ltd

Muller Group

Nestle SA

Nichirei Corporation

Nippon Meat Packers, Inc.

Nippon Suisan Kaisha, Ltd,

Nisshin Seifun Group

Nong Shim Co. Ltd.

Northern Foods plc


Parmalat SpA

PepsiCo, Inc.

Perdue Farms Inc.

Performance Food Group Company

Pilgrim's Pride Corporation

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Q.P. Corporation

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Royal Numico N.V.

Sadia S.A.

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Snow Brand Milk Products Co., Ltd.


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Top 100 Global Food Manufacturers

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Caterpillar - Official Site

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Top 10 Global Industrial & Farm Equipment Companies

Global Seed Industry Concentration

GM Crops - 'Point of No Return in Ten Years'

Got Hormones — The Controversial Milk Drug that Refuses to Die

Harmful Pesticides Found in Everyday Food Products

Harvest of Fear - PBS - Official Site

Hazards of Genetically Engineered Foods and Crops - Why We Need A Global Moratorium

Health Ranger Hails CPSI Effort to Stop Kellogg Co. from Marketing Junk Food to Children

Health Supplements - R.I.P.

Heartbreak in the Heartland - The True Cost of GE Crops - Percy Schmeiser

Heinz - A Premier Global Food Company

Heritage and Heirloom Breeds - Sustainable Table

Home Grown - The Case for Local Food in a Global Market

Horizontal Gene Transfer – The Hidden Hazards of Genetic Engineering

House of Windsor - Global Food Cartel – Image

How Herbicides Work

Human Health - Sustainable Table

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Humane Farming Association

Index of Common Names of Pesticides

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Irradiated Meat - A Sneak Attack on School Lunches

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Kroger to Complete Transition to rBST Free Milk - Word Document

Label Genetically Engineered Foods

List of Food Companies - Wikipedia

Long Live the Small Family Farm - You Tube

Mad Cow Disease - Are Americans at Risk

Mad Cow Disease - Sustainable Table

Manufactured Free Glutamic Acid is Manufactured

Meat Recalls Mired in Secrecy

Millions Against Monsanto Campaign - Organic Consumers Association

Monsanto - A Checkered History

Monsanto - Argentina Farmers Don't Have To Pay Some Seed Royalties

Monsanto - Official Site

Monsanto - Wikipedia

Monsanto - World's Most Unethical and Harmful Investment

Monsanto Buys ‘Terminator’ Seeds Company

Monsanto Canada Inc. v. Schmeiser - Wikipedia

Monsanto Co. to Pay $1 Billion For Produce-Seed Firm Seminis

Monsanto Corporation Criminal Investigation Cover-up of Dioxin Contamination

Monsanto Owns Your Food Patents - GMOs - You Tube

Monsanto vs. US Farmers - Report - 2005

Monsanto Whistleblower Genetically Engineered Crops May Cause Disease

Monsanto Whistleblower Says Genetically Engineered Crops May Cause Disease

Monsanto's Dirty Tricks - Atrazine - Toxic Deception

Monsanto's Roundup Herbicide Contaminates Drinking Water

Most Offspring Died When Mother Rats Ate GM Soy

MSG - Hidden in Processed Food

MSG - Still a Hidden Ingredient

MSG in Infant Formula

MSG Studies - Are you Concerned

MSG Updates

Nation's Largest Milk Company Says No to Milk From Cloned Cows

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Pesticides and Pregnancy - American Diabetes Association

Pesticides and Produce

Pesticides in Food

Pesticides in Ground Water

Petfood Industry

Potential Health Hazards of Genetically Engineered Foods

Prescription Drugs Found in Soil Sludge Used for Lawns and Gardens

Prosecuting American Farmers - Monsanto's Investigations, Coerced Settlements & Lawsuits

Putting Meat on the Table - Industrial Farm Animal Production in America


Rising Market Control of Transnational Agribusiness

Roundup Doesn't Poison Only Weeds

Roundup Highly Lethal to Amphibians

Roundup Ready Alfalfa On The Way

Scientific Abuse and Possible Scientific Fraud in Monsanto Research

Seeds of Deception - Official Site

2005 - a Scary Year for Genetically Engineered Crops

A Deadly Epidemic Linked to GE

An FDA-Created Health Crisis Circles the Globe

An FDA-Created Health Crisis

Another Reason for Schools to Ban Genetically Engineered Foods

Are You Critical of Genetically Engineered Foods - Watch Out

Campaign for Healthier Eating

Case Study on Industry Research - Soy Study by Monsanto

Company Research on GE Food is Rigged

Dangers of Genetically Engineered Foods

Disease Resistant Genetically Engineered Crops May Make Humans (and Plants) More Vulnerable to Viruses

Films Highlight Genetic Threats, Sustainable Futures

Genetically Engineered Crops Damage Wildlife

Genetically Engineered Crops May Produce Herbicide Inside Our Intestines

Genetically Engineered Foods May Cause Rising Food Allergies - Part 1

Genetically Engineered Foods May Cause Rising Food Allergies - Part 2

Genetically Engineered Foods may Pose National Health Risk

Genetically Engineered Foods Pose Higher Risk for Children

Genetically Modified Corn Study Reveals Health Damage and Cover-up

Genetically Modified Foods are Inherently Unsafe

Genetically Modified Peas Caused Dangerous Immune Response in Mice

Genetically Modified Sugar Beets

GM Food Promoter Transfers to Rat Cells

GM Vaccines Recombine into Unpredictable Hybrid Viruses in Human and Animal Cells

High Mortality of Rats in Russian Study

Inhaled GM Maize Pollen May Cause Disease

Iowa Bills Fight GM Free Zones and Farmer Choice

Monsanto Whistleblower Says Genetically Engineered Crops May Cause Disease

Most Offspring Died When Mother Rats Ate Genetically Engineered Soy

Open Letter to TJ Higgins

Rammed Down Our Throats

Rice Industry Keep Genetically Engineered Varieties in the Lab

Scrambling and Gambling with the Genome

Seeds of Deception - Newsletter

The Myth and Necessity of GM Free Zones

Toxins & Reproductive Failures

Un-Spinning the Spin Masters on Genetically Engineered Food

US Government and Biotech Firm Deceive Public on GM Corn Mix-up

US Government Proposal Puts Food Supply at Risk

Video Urges Parents and Schools to Remove GE Foods from Kids' Meals

Seeds of Destruction - The Geopolitics of GM Food

Shedding Light on Genetically Engineered Food

Slaughterhouse Rules Are Easily Sidestepped, According to USDA

Slaughterhouses and Processing - Sustainable Table

Smithfield Foods - Official Site

Smithfield Foods - Wikipedia

Soft Drinks America's Other Drinking Problem

Soil Quality Concerns - Pesticides

Sowing the Seeds of Corporate Agriculture in Africa - GM Seeds

Stop Food Irradiation Project - Organic Consumers Association

Stop Playing with Hunger - 2003

Stop the Approval of Genetically Engineered Fish!

Store Wars - Organic Food Versus Chemicals and GMOs - You Tube

Sugar-Free Blues

Sunkist - Official Site

Sunkist Growers, Incorporated - Wikipedia

Support the Cloned Food Labeling Act in the House and Senate

Sustainable Table - The Issues Food Irradiation

Syngenta - Corporate Watch

Sysco - Wikipedia

Sysco Corporation - Official Site

Tell Congress to Support Labeling and Safety Testing of GE Foods!

Tell Food Companies You Won't Eat Food from Clones

Tesco Plc - Corporate Watch

The Agribusiness Accountability Initiative - Corporate Power in the Global Food System

The Agribusiness Council

The Center for Food Safety - Official Site

The Dangers of Genetically Modified Organisms - You Tube

The Difficulty in Keeping MSG-Free

The Double Danger of High Fructose Corn Syrup

The Farm Crisis and Corporate Power

The Food That Would Last Forever

The Global Crop Diversity Trust - Official Site

The Hundred Year Lie - How Food and Medicine Are Destroying Your Health - Video

The Impact of Genetically Modified Organisms on Human Health

The Inside Story - Anniston, Alabama

The Market Share Matrix

The Meatrix

The Monsanto Investigation

The Obesity Epidemic - Should We Believe What We Read and Hear?

The Schwan Food Company

The Trouble with Smithfield - A Corporate Profile

The World According to Monsanto - A Documentary that Americans Won't Ever See - Google Video

This is Your Beef on Drugs

Top 10 Global Food Trends

Toxicity of Pesticides - II

Toxicity of Pesticides

Toxins on Your Toast

Turning Farms into Factories 

Tyson Foods - Official Site

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Unborn Babies Could be Harmed by GMOs

Unilever - Corporate Watch

Unilever - Official Site

Unilever - Wikipedia

Unintended GMO Health Risks

United Fruit Company - Wikipedia

United Fruit Historical Society - Official Site

USDA Inc - How Agribusiness Has Hijacked Regulatory Policy at the US Department of Agriculture

USDA Orders Nation's Largest Beef Recall

What is a 'Normal' Diet -

What Monsanto Puts in Your Milk - Video

Wheaty Indiscretions

Where Have All the Farms Gone - 2000

Who Benefits from GM Crops? - Monsanto and the Corporate Driven GM Crop Revolution

Whose Organic Standards?

Why Eat Organic Food

Will Genetically Engineered Foods Feed the World

Will the WTO's Codex Alimentarius Take Away Your Right to Purchase Synthetic Vitamins & Supplements?

Workers - Sustainable Table

You and your Milk - The Monsanto Files - You Tube

Your Right to Know Does your Milk have Artificial Hormones


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