Air Quality

Air Quality

Clean Air for Life

Air pollution harms health, damages forests and lakes, and lowers our quality of life. More than half of all Americans live in areas that don't meet clean-air standards.

Our team is working to change that by cleaning up dirty diesel engines and polluting power plants.


Traffic Pollution 'Hot Spots' Endanger Public Health

Cars stuck in traffic pollute more. The latest research shows that the closer you live to a busy road, the higher the risk to your health. Congestion pricing is a solution that eases gridlock and cuts pollution.

The Problem with Diesel

Dirty Diesel School Buses Targeted for Cleanup

We're leading a campaign to reduce school bus pollution so children can breathe safely on their ride to school.

Meet Our Experts

Michael Replogle

Michael Replogle

Transportation Director

Manages our initiatives to link transportation, land use and natural resource plans and programs to enhance public health, equity and environmental quality.

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