Scientists Find New Way to Produce Hydrogen

Hydrogen from Non-Fuel Sources

New Holland NH2: tractor op waterstof

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Formula Zero FC Motor Sports

Arnold Recommends EcoDriving

Researchers Generate Hydrogen Without The Carbon Footprint


Emergence of Oxy-Hydrogen Appliances for your solar powered home!

Fuel from food waste: bacteria provide power

'Major discovery' from MIT primed to unleash solar hydrogen revolution

Solar and hydrogen fuel cell boat prepares for voyage

Nanoelectrodes boost electrolysis to cut hydrogen fuel cost


Salt Water Hydrogen - Video of John Kansas

Fuel Cell - Electrolyzer 
System 'Generates Electricity 
with Only Water, Air'


Water with dissolved hydrogen aids memory

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Hydrogen Conversion

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Hilda Hydro: Girls Go Green
by Ann Hoffmann, Hannah Laskin (Illustrator)


A future Vision

Colleen S. Spiegel, Ph.D.

Solar Hydrogen Civilization
Newly Revised!

Global Warning

" It is not o.k. to allow Public Affairs to stop us from making the connection between greenhouse gases and ice melt. We cannot expect the public to connect scientific dots. It is appropriate that we point out evidence for dangerous climate change when we detect it."  

Read More From NASA Scientist 
Dr. James Hansen here.


Winning the Oil Endgame

Time for Full Time Employment to Produce an Anti-Inflationary Economy 

Toward a Long-Range
Energy Security Policy

Inconvenient Facts About Global Climate Changes Due to Burning More than a Million Years of Fossil Accumulations Each Year

Greenhouse Gas Accumulations Change the Weather

Health and Environmental Consequences of Non-Renewable Hydrogen

Excerpt: Actions and Policies
"The Solar Hydrogen Civilization"


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Engineer Your Own Fuel Cells

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Winning the Oil Endgame

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