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Welcome to California ’s Clean Air Project (CCAP), a project of ETR Associates. CCAP provides secondhand smoke (SHS) specific technical assistance, training, and educational materials statewide.

What's New at CCAP

Smoke-Free Cars

Smoke-Free Cars Fact Cards (in English, Spanish and Vietnamese) and Poster
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What CCAP Can Do For You

CCAP will create and implement educational programs and policy and advocacy initiatives, develop and distribute materials and serve the needs and respond to requests for assistance from:

  • 61 county and city health departments throughout California
  • 34 competitive grantees
  • members of the hospitality and housing industry
  • policymakers
  • law enforcement agencies
  • the general public throughout the State
  • all others requiring information on secondhand smoke issues

Funded through the Tobacco Tax Initiative Proposition 99- Department of Health Services (DHS) Tobacco Control Section (TCS)