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Clean Air-Cool Planet is the Northeast's leading nonprofit organization dedicated to finding and promoting solutions to global warming.

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Timberland (Stratham, NH), manufacturer of footwear, apparel and gear, has partnered with CA-CP since 2001, undertaking various initiatives including two corporate emissions inventories; energy efficiency audits and retrofits; investments in renewable energy; and a marketing campaign for Earth Day 2002 & 2003.

Timberland: for the journey, shop any time


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What's New

Help for the Arctic in the Short-Term

Ice waterfallScientists meeting this week at the Copenhagen Climate Congress noted that reduction of short-lived pollutants (SLPs) is a way to help curb Arctic warming. Clean Air-Cool Planet is helping drive an international effort to reduce emissions of SLPs, black carbon, methane, and ozone.

CA-CP teams up with ACUPCC to offer Workshop on Climate Action Planning at the Smart and Sustainanable Campuses conference

This 4th Annual event for campus climate action comes to the University of Maryland on April 4-5. The pre-conference workship will feature CA-CP's Campus Program Manager, Jenn Andrews, in a panel discussion of climate action planning.Read more...

Donate a few mouse clicks to expand local climate action: Vote now for CA-CP

CA-CP's long-time partner, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, is beginning a giving campaign that allows people to vote on any of dozens of locally based proposals to help the planet. Working with, GMCR is giving a $200,000, 5-year grant to the climate action organization with the most votes on their website. Clean Air-Cool Planet has two entries, and you may vote on one, or both:

Please help us by placing your vote. Registration is easy and your vote could help CA-CP gain critical funding to build momentum at the local and national levels. We invite you to leave appropriate comments on the organization's capacity to achieve its objectives, which will be used to judge applicants. VOTE NOW!

Milk-fed Success Story

Oakhurst Dairy is Taking All the Right Steps

Oakhurst goes solarWhen people enjoy dairy products, few consider how a gallon of milk might contribute to global warming. Did you know that by far the largest single source of heat-trapping gases linked to global warming from milk production is farm emissions? Read how family-owned Oakhurst Dairy is reducing greenhouse gas emissions in their operations.

Report from Economist Robert Repetto Advises Transition Team on Climate and the Economy

The paper, “Climate Change Policy and Economic Revitalization” by Yale Economist Robert Repetto, a senior fellow at Clean Air-Cool Planet, is part of the organization’s ongoing effort to advise the new Congress and President-elect Obama’s transition team on effective ways to tackle climate change in 2009. Read the paper.



Climate News - Friday, March 20, 2009

Climate Ride

Clean Air – Cool Planet is proud to be a beneficiary of Climate Ride 2009.  Sign up today to be a part of this amazing bike tour!

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Check out the latest opportunities to do good work: visit our climate-friendly jobs page.

Wind turbines photoDo you want more renewable energy?

Join WindBuilderssm

Air quality links

Want information about the air you’re breathing? For real-time data try out NESCAUM’s Hazecam, or the AIRMAP from University of New Hampshire.

Want more information on what air quality means to your health and local community? Try our Science and Policy page.


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