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  CAC News

nanoThe Clean Air Council looks at the possible harm to the environment and public health caused by nanotechnology
click here to read more ...

Natural GasNatural Gas
Clean Air Council supports limited use of natural gas as a transition fuel - a "common ground" between energy and the environment. Click here to read a short background paper.

Electronic Waste

Don't let your household's unwanted electronics become hazardous waste. View electronic recycling events and collections in Pennsylvania here or national take back programs in our electronic waste guide.

Green Ports Initiative

bargeThe Council is spearheading an effort to minimize the environmental impact of the Philadelphia Ports. For more information, click here.

Pennsylvania Goes Smoke-Free!

On June 13, 2008, Governor Ed Rendell signed the Clean Indoor Air Act. Thanks to the many membersand friends of the Council that helped bring smoke-free legislation to Pennsylvania. Though the measure still unfairly allows workers in some industries to be exposed to tobacco smoke, it prohibits smoking in most public areas and workplaces, protecting the majority of citizens in Pennsylvania from tobacco smoke.

In September 2008, the bill will take full effect everywhere in the state except for in the City of Philadelphia, which will be permitted to preserve its pre-existing smoking ban the Clean Indoor Air Worker Protection Law. Click here for a detailed comparison of the city-wide and state-wide legislation.

Tinicum-Fort Mifflin Trail

The Tinicum-Fort Mifflin Trail loop is a planned multi-use trail network serving as the hub for a regional trail system that includes the Cobbs Creek Bikeway, the Botanic Trail, and the East Coast Greenway. The 20-mile loop trail route connects Historic Bartram's Garden with Fort Mifflin, loops around the Philadelphia International Airport, connects with the trails within the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum, and then back to Bartram's Garden via the Cobbs Creek Bikeway.

The Tinicum to Fort Mifflin segment of the trail is endangered by the proposed expansion of Philadelphia International Airport. Clean Air Council has submitted comments supporting the trail in response to the Federal Aviation Administration's draft Environmental Impact Statement for airport expansion. Read more about the Trail here.

Oppose Coal to Liquids
America is facing critical choices about its energy future; how do we fulfill our energy needs AND combat global warming? The coal industry wants to turn coal into a liquid transportation fuel. But liquid coal would have devastating impacts on our economy, our communities, and our environment.
Click here to view the NRDC film Crude Substitute: The Folly of Liquid Coal.

The Future of Coal in Pennsylvania:
Harrisburg ConferenceA Dialogue

View the presentations delivered at this timely and proactive conference on what lies ahead for coal energy in Pennsylvania.

MAPPhiladelphia Mobility Alternatives Program

Make your commute easier and less stressful by learning about MAP (Mobility Alternatives Program). Through the use of various travel demand management strategies, employees can commute to work using transportation methods other than single-occupancy vehicles.

An online history of 40 remarkable years of Clean Air Council is available here.

power linesProposed High-Voltage Power Transmission Lines Threaten Environment

The United States Department of Energy is considering allowing regulations to be changed regarding the development of new high-voltage power distribution lines. This may result in damage to sensitive landscapes in our region along with increased reliance on polluting coal plants in the central portion of the US. Learn more about this issue by reading our fact sheet.

The Latest From The Council's Press Room: Joe Minott speaking

Council lawsuit against coal-fired power plants results in record $4.6 billion settlement

Find more news here.

Transit shelterPhiladelphia Street Furniture Program Comments

Clean Air Council has issued a fact sheet on the City of Philadelphia's Request for Proposals on a Comprehensive Street Furniture Program. Learn more about how a good street furniture program can enhance quality of life for city residents, workers, and visitors.

You are encouraged to write a letter to the City of Philadelphia with your thoughts on this matter. Click here to see our letter.

Ozone Forecasts

March 18, 2009
The Council offers forecasts for ozone in summer and for fine particulate (PM 2.5) year round -- more information here. Free air quality forecasts, via email, are also available by signing up.

(# of Orange or worse forecasts this season)
Air Quality Color Code

Phila./S. Jersey/
Wilmington (0)

(PM 2.5)

Berks/Lehigh Val. (1)

(PM 2.5)

Susquehanna Val. (1)

(PM 2.5)

Pittsburgh (0)

(PM 2.5)

Campaign Highlights

global warmingGlobal Warming

The Council is working to promote aggressive solutions to climate change that also help the faltering economy.

Click here to check out our Global Warming section.

Give to Clean Air Council through United Way
This year, through the Donor Choice program, designate your United Way Workplace Giving donation to go to Clean Air Council. On your United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania donor card mark "785" as the donor designation number.

SunClean Air Council Working to Increase Awareness of Global Warming in Delaware

Earlier in October, Environment America released its "Feeling the Heat" report in Wilmington, Delaware highlighting warmer than normal temperatures throughout the state in 2007 and 2008. Clean Air Council advocates for measures such as energy conservation and increased use of renewable wind energy in an effort to address these important global warming concerns.

Read this recent article from the Delaware News Journal to learn more!

Philadelphia Diesel Difference Website Provides Clean Diesel Resources
Philadelphia Diesel Difference LogoThe Diesel Difference Program is a partnership of public and private interests promoting clean diesel technologies. It is coordinated jointly by the Council and Philadelphia's Air Management Services. Visit the program website here.
Pennsylvania Zero Mercury Campaign
Clean Air Council was the only environmental group to sign a Memorandum of Understanding establishing a collection program for mercury switches from retired cars and trucks in Pennsylvania. Now part of the National Vehicle Mercury Switch Recovery Program, the auto switch program has removed over 41 lbs of mercury from Pennsylvania's environment since November 2004. Learn more about the Council's Pennsylvania Zero Mercury Campaign here.
Pennsylvania Wind Working Group
Wind TurbinesLed by Clean Air Council, the Pennsylvania Wind Working Group is a stakeholder group composed of government agencies, utilities, green marketers, wind energy developers, manufacturers, nonprofit organizations, and others interested in growing the industry through responsible development of wind resources in the Commonwealth. The group also acts as a clearinghouse for information to the public and its members.
Clean Energy Challenge Website
Clean Energy Challenge
Explore renewable energy generation, conservation, and efficiency options with an interactive website from Clean Air Council and Sustainable Development Fund at http://www.cleanenergychallenge.org/.



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