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Welcome to the New and Emerging Environmental Technologies (NEET) Clean Air Technologies Database. NEET is an on-line repository for information about technologies that prevent, remove, destroy, sample, monitor, or model air pollutant emissions from stationary, mobile, and indoor sources. NEET contains information about technologies for improving air quality that are commercially available, as well as technologies that are currently being developed.
Find an Air Technology. Use NEET's search features or the provider directory to find technologies listed in NEET that meet your needs. Click Find Technology below to search for technologies.
Add Your Air Technology. All owners, manufacturers, developers, and research sponsors of air technologies are invited to list their technologies in the NEET database. Adding your technology is an easy on-line procedure that you perform with your own password-protected account. Your technology can be a commercially available technology or an emerging technology in research and development. Listing technologies is free. Click Add/Update Technology below to add your technology.

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NEET was developed and is operated by RTI International with support from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards.

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