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Welcome to the Clean Air Watch

We’ve made progress in cleaning up the air.  But it’s way too soon to breathe easy.


Tens of thousands of Americans are still dying early from dirty air.  Many others suffer from asthma attacks, bronchitis and other disease made worse by pollution.


At the same time, greenhouse gas emissions threaten the planet with global catastrophe.


Despite these problems, many in Congress seem more interested in the views of check-writing polluters. Click here >>

Meanwhile, powerful corporate interests seek to make sure the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency protects them, not breathers.


That’s where we come in.   As our name suggests, Clean Air Watch is a non-profit watchdog group that seeks to protect the public interest.


We closely monitor clean-air and climate policy and seek to present a public-interest perspective – one that is grounded in fact and analysis, not just a lot of hot air.


We educate the public about the value of clean air (and related developments in science regarding air and climate), and blow the whistle when miscreants attempt dirty deeds in the dark.


Check our Blog for Clean Air for the very latest developments.   Click here for information on how to subscribe to the blog as well as Clean Air Watch releases and articles.  RSS


We hope you will join us in this effort and alert us to other threats.


We're grateful for your interest in clean air.  Thank you for stopping by.

EPA Smog Plan Compromises Public Health to Save Industry Money
EPA Chief Floats Radical Plan to Weaken Clean Air Act

( Washington , DC . March 12, 2008) – The non-profit Clean Air Watch today assailed a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency decision to ignore the agency’s science advisers in setting a new national health standard for smog. Click here >>

Should Big Polluters Own the Sky?
That’s one of the key questions as we consider how to limit and reduce global warming pollution. Many of the biggest coal-burning power companies claim they own the sky – and should be paid billions of dollars to reduce their emissions.

For more on this, see our White Paper, with a foreword by Larry J. Schweiger, President and CEO of the National Wildlife Federation.
Click here >>

Coal Complicates Effort to Green the Capitol
U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's plan to make the U.S. Capitol complex more environmentally friendly is being hampered by the reluctance of lawmakers from coal-producing states to implement changes at the complex's coal-burning power plant. Click here >>

CBS Evening News examines lawn mowers, politics and pollution

May 7, 2006, CBS

…Just ahead on tonight`s CBS EVENING NEWS, why mowing your lawn is creating smog and why some say it`s politicians working hard to keep it that way.
  Click here >>

Senator Tom Carper
& Frank O'Donnell

Clean Air Watch President Frank O’Donnell joins Delaware Senator Tom Carper in criticizing the Bush administration’s so-called “clear skies” plan.  [March 4, 2005]

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PBS’ FRONTLINE Examines the Politics of Global Warming.  Clean Air Watch helped with this exploration.  You can see it here: Click here >>

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Duke Double - Speak
Perhaps the single most prominent corporate voice in the congressional global warming debate is that of Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers.  We examine some of Duke’s positions in a short white paper. Click here >>

EPA Scientists Urge Tougher Smog Standards
The science is clear: we need tougher smog standards to protect our health.  But will the Bush Administration follow through?  Click here >>

Big Polluters Vow “Royal Fight” Over New Smog Standards

Click here >>

Will Polluters Kill Global Warming Plan Despite Gore Plea?
Big polluters are breaking out the check books to slow down efforts to reduce global warming emissions.
Click here >>

Clean Air Watch Hails Overdue EPA Diesel Standards
At long last EPA has moved forward with a proposed plan to clean up dirty diesel trains and boats.  Clean Air Watch hailed the move.  Click here >>

But Will Eco-Hypocrite General Electric Pull The Plug?
General Electric, the nation’s biggest locomotive engine maker, is lobbying to delay and weaken EPA train standards.
Click here >>

New Report Details Diesel Danger for Commuters
You will want to hold your breath after reading this!
Click here >>

Smog Struggle: Behind the Scenes
Less than four weeks now until the US EPA announces its decision on whether to change current national standards for ozone, or smog. And things are getting VERY interesting behind the scenes...
Click here >>

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Clean Air Watch contributes regularly to the progressive TomPaine.com.  For the very latest, Click here >>

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NASCAR Takes The Lead Out
NASCAR speeds up plan to use unleaded gas following questions by Clean Air Watch.
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