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Poor State of Health in America is Preventable

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August 27, 2008

America is in a poor state of health. According the American Diabetes
Association, nearly 20 million adult and child Americans have diabetes. The
American Heart Association reports that more than 80 million American adults
have a form of heart disease. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has
reported that over 60 percent of American adults are overweight and not
surprisingly, 60 percent do not engage in any vigorous physical activity. The
National Cancer Institute has reported that one in two men and one in three
women will have cancer at some point within their lifetime.

In addition, more and more children are on prescription medication, the obesity
rates and diabetes rates in children are higher than they've ever been, and
according to the Bogalusa Heart Study, nearly 70 percent of children are in the
beginning stages of hardening of the arteries by age12.

Aches, pains, exhaustion, low energy and host of other symptoms plague many
Americans. Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue are being diagnosed in record
numbers and usually mark the beginning of a host of other destructive diseases
and disorders, from heart attack, cancer and strokes, to diabetes and other
neurological diseases.

While no one can deny that American is in a poor state of health, hardly anyone
is accepting the fact that most of these diseases are preventable with routine
exercise, a healthy diet and less stressful lives. Although Americans would like
to think that taking medication and synthetic supplements can replace the health
that comes with regular exercise and eating a diet rich in antioxidants,
vitamins and minerals, the proof is in the statics.

The multibillion dollar pharmaceutical and supplement industries haven't changed
the state of American healthcare. In fact, the flawed idea that drugs and
supplements can take the place of essential nutrients has inarguably made
America's health worse. Instead of becoming educated on which foods would supply
the body with antioxidants, minerals and vitamins needed for optimum health,
Americans think they can simply buy a pill or supplement and eat whatever they
want, not exercise and live high stress lives.

Unfortunately, our bodies only generate 30 percent of the needed antioxidants to
combat oxidative stress caused by free radicals. The other 70 percent can be
found through proper nutrition. Without proper nutrition and healthy lifestyles,
it appears that Americans are on an escalator to obesity, fatigue, stress and
disease. Fortunately, for those who care, this is preventable.



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