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Scary Medicine - Exposing the Dark Side of Vaccines
April 25, 2007

The growing controversy over vaccines where children are forced to get
increasing numbers of vaccinations before attending school, and parents
are forced to decide whether to comply despite the reality that dreadful
adverse reactions to the shots do regularly occur has now mushroomed
into an issue crucial to all Americans, according to the April edition of
WND's monthly Whistleblower magazine.

This comprehensive and powerfully eye-opening report is titled "SCARY
MEDICINE: Exposing the dark side of vaccines."

For years, the vaccine debate was confined largely to the traditional
childhood vaccines like DPT (diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus), MMR
(measles-mumps-rubella) and polio. Even then, there were major concerns.
The pertussis vaccine, for example, is notorious for having rare but
horrendous side effects, and most polio cases in the world in recent years
have been caused by the live-virus vaccine itself!

But in recent times, many new childhood vaccines have been introduced,
from rotavirus and chickenpox to hepatitis B, meningitis and pneumonia,
each with their own controversies and, in some cases, scandals. At first,
the new vaccines are just ''suggested,'' then they became ''recommended"
by pediatricians, and before long they're ''required'' before entering
public school.

"A one-year-old healthy child today can get 10 different antigens injected
into his body in one day," warns columnist Barbara Simpson in this issue
of Whistleblower. "No one knows the effect on his immune system, and such
tests haven't been conducted."
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But it gets worse, much worse. As a result of today's vaccine mania:
Right now, state after state is attempting literally to force young,
prepubescent school-girls into getting a brand-new vaccine, with an
unproven safety record, to prevent a sexually transmitted form of
cancer. The manufacturer, pharmaceutical giant Merck, has lobbied state
politicians to make their vaccine mandatory.

There's major movement toward an AIDS vaccine. Once approved by the
government, will there be another push like the current one to immunize
schoolgirls against a sexually transmitted disease, only this time to
mandate the AIDS vaccine for everybody?

Despite publicity to the contrary, the controversial mercury-based
vaccine preservative Thimerosal thought by some researchers to be
linked to rising levels of autism in the U.S. is still used in some

Then there's the U.S. military, which compels soldiers to get multiple
vaccinations. Some experts, citing compelling evidence, blame the
military's anthrax shots for the epidemic dubbed "Gulf War Syndrome."
These are just a few of the controversies explored in "SCARY MEDICINE:
Exposing the dark side of vaccines."

In this highly polarized debate, on one side there is the medical
establishment, including the federal government's Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention, which endlessly repeats the mantra that vaccines
are safe and effective and everybody should get them. To question their
wisdom tags one as a paranoid conspiracy theorist.

On the other side is a substantial and growing movement of skeptics,
including many medical professionals, who openly question vaccines. Some
are strident, claiming all vaccines are bad for all people at all times
and places, and a few even impute a sinister motive to vaccine
manufacturers and the doctors that give the shots. But many others are
careful and nuanced and very well informed. They consider each vaccine
individually on its merits as well as its known and suspected negatives
and come out holding up a big "caution" sign.

Highlights of this issue include:

"The dark side of vaccines" by David Kupelian, on what your doctor never
told you

"Beware of vaccine bullies" by Michelle Malkin, who says: "Informed
consent? Ha. This was uninformed coercion"

"Do vaccines cause cancer?" the startling but indisputable story of
how 10 to 30 million Americans received polio shots tainted with monkey
virus linked to cancers

"Medical terrorists on your doorstep" by Barbara Simpson, who shows how
today's vaccine mania is pumping healthy children full of dozens of
foreign antigens, without their parents being fully informed about the

"Newborn vaccinated over parents' objections" by Diana Lynne, who
documents the Orwellian nightmare of a young couple as armed guards
forced their infant's vaccination against a sexually transmitted disease

"Civilians could face mandatory anthrax shots" by Bob Unruh, on credible
evidence tying the controversial shots to Gulf War Syndrome, and quoting
an expert warning that civilians could be required to received the
government's 10 million "emergency" doses

"New study links mercury to autism," documenting how the incidence of
the common disorder dropped dramatically after a controversial
mercury-based preservative was removed from most vaccines
"Feds' conflict of interest over vaccines?" by Jon Dougherty, on the
history of "incestuous" ties between drug-makers and the federal

"Doctors' group opposes all vaccine mandates." The 4,000-member
Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, established in 1943,
has called for a moratorium on the government forcing any vaccines on
the American people, warning, "Our children face the possibility of
death or serious long-term adverse effects"

"Vaccinations and the right to refuse," by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, who says
parents, not the state, must retain authority over America's children
And much more

"I admit it, this is a downright frightening issue of Whistleblower," said
David Kupelian, managing editor of WND and Whistleblower. "But its purpose
is to 'immunize' readers against the lies and partial truths that abound
in this all-important area."



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