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Bob's Red Mill - Milwaukie, Oregon

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Where many food production companies look forward to the
latest in machinery and technology to bring you the best
product, Bobís Red Mill looks backward. Really far backward,
to 1860. Thatís the date on the oldest of the quartz
millstones Bobís Red Mill uses in its grain mill. Many of the
others date from 1872 to 1911, with a few a bit newer than
that. Bobís Red Mill produces only the finest in entirely
stone-ground flours, cereals, grains, baking mixes, and much
more, with the use of quartz French buhr millstones, gravity
and pressure to mill the bran, endosperm, and germ of each
grain. These slow turning stones grind the grains without
overheating it, preserving the valuable nutrients and bringing
you a product made the same way it was all the way back to
early Roman times.

Bobís Red Millís namesake, Bob Moore, has always loved fixing
things Ė taking apart machinery and putting it back together.
Bob worked as an auto mechanic for years before reading a book
about a young manís restoration of his familyís old stone
grinding flourmill. He realized that this was exactly what he
wanted to do. His wife, Charlee, agreed since she already
loved cooking natural, wholesome foods for their three sons.

So Bob and Charlee hit the road, visiting more than 50
flourmills in North America and the British Isles, learning
about the process and getting an idea of what they wanted. Bob
found some stone mills at an old water-powered flourmill in
North Carolina and the couple started up a successful milling
business back East.

After many successful years, Bob and Charlee decided to sell
their business to their sons and relocated to Portland to
enjoy a leisurely retirement; and thatís where the story of
Bobís Red Mill really begins.

Enjoying their retirement and leisurely driving the Oregon
countryside one day, the couple happened upon an abandoned old
mill in Oregon City. With plenty of time on their hands the
couple decided to refurbish it: Bobís Red Mill was born.

This is where Bob and Charlee developed many of their most
successful products. In 1988, a devastating fire destroyed
their Oregon City location. Determined, Bob and Charlee vowed
to mill again.

The couple was able to save their milling stones and relocated
to a new mill in Milwaukie, overlooking the river just outside
of Portland. Today, those stones grind away in a 165,000
square-foot mill on 6-acres with 135 round-the-clock employees.

Bobís Red Mill is ďdedicated to the manufacturing of natural
foods the natural way,Ē and now produces hundreds of different
flours, cereals, pancake/waffle mixes, machine and hand-made
bread mixes, quick bread mixes, specialty grains, and much
more in both small prepackaged sizes and 25- and 50-pound
bags. They also specialize in a wide variety of gluten-free
flours, baking mixes, and grains and have a wide variety of
certified organic options. Bobís Red Mill is all about
providing a wide variety of grain products for a wide variety of diets.

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