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Big Pharma CEO Fakes Cancer while Pill-Pushing Doctor Fakes Clinical Trial Results

By Mike Adams
March 12, 2009

The culture of deceit and fraud that permeates conventional
medicine became even more apparent today with the announcement that Howard
Richman, the former vice president of a pharmaceutical company named
Biopure, faked his own cancer and even impersonated a doctor in order to
convince a federal judge that he was dying from colon cancer.

This bizarre deceit was an effort by Richman to squirm out of an SEC
lawsuit that accused Richman of misleading investors. According to the
Associated Press, Richman misled investors about the potential for FDA
approval of a blood replacement product called Hemopure, which is made
from cow's blood. By faking his own cancer and forging a doctor's note,
Richman was able to get a postponement of judgment in the SEC lawsuit,
which effectively ended the legal action he would have otherwise faced.

It all makes you wonder just how low the integrity standards really are at
drug companies these days. If a highly-paid executive can fake his own
cancer in order to avoid a lawsuit brought against him because he lied to
investors, what other sorts of fabrications and deceits might be going on
at these companies?

Faking clinical trial data for Vioxx and Celebrex

Meanwhile, a researcher at Baystate Medical Center in Massachusetts, Dr.
Scott Reuben, was found to have faked the data used in 21 "scientific"
papers published in peer-reviewed medical journals from 1996 - 2008.

The Associated Press is reporting today that journals have begun
retracting papers authored by Dr. Reuben. The journal Anesthesia &
Analgesia has retracted 10 studies authored by Dr. Reuben, and the journal
Anesthesiology has also started retracting studies.

But the damage has already been done: Dr. Reuben's work was reportedly
relied on very heavily by pull-pushing doctors and medication advocates,
who cited his studies to "prove" these drugs are safe and effective. In
reality, though, it was all just made up!

The fictions of Big Pharma and clinical trials

This is actually the story on just about everything Big Pharma pushes
these days: It's all just fiction shrouded in scientific-sounding
language, led by dishonest, corrupt drug company CEOs and deceitful
doctors who lie to the world in order to make more money pushing dangerous
prescription medications.

Even when drug company executives aren't lying to their investors or lying
to judges, they're still lying to the FDA and their own customers about
the safety of their drugs. Through the cherry-picking of drug trials (and
the burying of negative results), they lie to the entire scientific
community about the real dangers of their chemical products.

Modern medicine is largely one big lie. It doesn't work. People aren't
getting any healthier from drugs and surgery, but they sure are becoming
increasingly bankrupt.

The "grand clinical trial" of medicating an entire nation and observing
the results has proven quite conclusively that drugs and surgery do not
produce a healthy nation. That's the one drug trial they will never
report, of course: While people suffer from sky-high rates of degenerative
disease, depression, obesity and chemical intoxication, the drug companies
hilariously try to convince people they're somehow getting healthier by
popping patented pills.



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