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World Wide Market for Certified Organic Foods is Staggering

By Lance Winslow

Organic foods, beverages, & more. Find organic store in your area.
Health.Local.comAs more and more people come to find that the human food
supply is clearly lacking, these consumers are turning to Organic Foods.
There sure seems to be a huge growing world wide market for "organic
foods" these days and in the US it seems we have a bit of consolidation
going on between "Whole Foods Market" and another chain, as they try to
garner economies of scale to compete against the "big boys" like Krogers,
Winn Dixie, HEB, Wal-Mart, Albertsons, etc.

This is a major issue; price, as poorer consumers are eating real garbage,
getting diabetes and upsetting the future balance of any legitimate quest
for Universal Health Care. As people become more educated on organic foods
we see more people looking to buy certified organic foods. Indeed not
everyone can buy organic foods because there is not enough to feed
everyone the good stuff.

Since this is a supply and demand issue the world wide market for organic
foods will only get bigger. And we know more and more people are being
born too. What are your comments on the human population growth in the
world? Do you believe we are looking at 10.5 Billion by 2050-2075? If we
had zero population growth that might indeed solve some issues? How many
kids do you plan to have?

Are you going to be able to feed them only the best organic and certified
organic foods? Nations who can certify their foods as organic stand to
gain lots of ground economically in US Markets and elsewhere around the
world, yet those who play games with the food they export might get black
balled all together. This is a huge and serious issue and thus the market
for organic certified foods skyrockets.



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