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The Ecology of Commerce: Paul Hawken

by Paul Hawken (Author)

Editorial Reviews Review
Paul Hawken, the entrepreneur behind the Smith & Hawken gardening supplies
empire, is no ordinary capitalist. Drawing as much on Baba Ram Dass and Vaclav
Havel as he does on Peter Drucker and WalMart for his case studies, Hawken is on
a one-man crusade to reform our economic system by demanding that First World
businesses reduce their consumption of energy and resources by 80 percent in the
next 50 years. As if that weren't enough, Hawken argues that business goals
should be redefined to embrace such fuzzy categories as whether the work is
aesthetically pleasing and the employees are having fun; this applies to
corporate giants and mom-and-pop operations alike. He proposes a culture of
business in which the real world, the natural world, is allowed to flourish as
well, and in which the planet's needs are addressed. Wall Street may not be
ready for Hawken's provocative brand of environmental awareness, but this fine
book is full of captivating ideas.

From Publishers Weekly
Hawken ( Growing a Business ) touches on a raw nerve here. How might millions of
people live and work in a complex business environment while causing "as little
suffering as possible to all and everything around us?" Hawken, no Luddite,
believes that "we need a design for business that will ensure that the
industrial world as it is presently constituted ceases and is replaced with
human-centered enterprises that are sustainable producers." Avoiding stormy
rhetoric, Hawken thoughtfully reviews ecological theories and disasters and
insists that "ecology offers a way to examine all present economic and resource
activities from a biological rather than a monetary point of view." Calling for
a restorative economy, he proposes rational, achievable goals: stop
"accelerating the rate that we draw down capacity"; refrain from "buying or
degrading other people's environment"; and avoid displacing "other species by
taking over their habitats." This noteworthy study should kindle debates within
the business community.

Product Details

Paperback: 272 pages
Publisher: Collins Business (June 3, 1994)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0887307043



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