The Human Body

by DK Publishing (Author)

Editorial Reviews

It's big, it's colorful, and it's got everything from your gallbladder and heart
to your muscles, bones, blood and brain. Clear and helpful diagrams detail
conditions from acne to malignant melanoma. This is a reassuring, easily
understood text on our bodies as they exist in their ideal state, as well as
common disorders and treatments. It's nice to brush up on anatomy without tests
to sweat, but it's also great to have a doctor on your shelf to dispel those 3
a.m. certainties of imminent disease and doom.

From Booklist
This body atlas uses current medical illustration techniques to provide unique
views of human anatomical features. Color-enhanced microscope photographs and
computer-generated images accompany detailed drawings to illustrate various
organs, demonstrate body functions, and depict problems or complications. The
introduction explains various types of medical illustration such as computerized
tomography, ultrasound, and magnetic resonance imaging. These and other
techniques are used throughout the next 12 chapters. The first chapter deals
with cells, skin, and epithelium (the outer surface of the body). One page
features a six-inch cross-sectional view of one layer of skin next to a greatly
magnified photograph of a couple of strands of scalp hair. The next 10 chapters
look at various systems (e.g., skeletal, muscular, reproductive). The last
chapter, "The Human Life Cycle," considers fetal development, childbirth,
growth, aging, and inheritance.

Each section is introduced by a one-page essay and a double-page full-body map
showing the location or layout of each system. The rest of the chapter contains
a series of pertinent illustrations, accompanied by captions and text. Boxed
inserts, charts, and photographs highlight special features ("How Muscles
Contract," "Types of Neurons," etc.). Diseases and disorders are also pictured.
Treatment options, including more than 30 surgical procedures (hysterectomy,
coronary bypass, mastectomy) are depicted, as are some standard medical tests.
The illustrations are clear and easy to comprehend, but the text often employs
technical language (a glossary is provided). Although essentially a picture
book, this is intended for an adult audience. Both The Children's Atlas of the
Human Body (Millbrook, 1994) and The Body Atlas (Oxford, 1994) are designed to
be accessible to children. The array of photographic techniques used to create
high-quality illustrations make The Human Body a unique visual guide. For both
reference and circulating collections in public libraries. Libraries may also be
interested in an unrelated CD-ROM from DK, The Ultimate Human Body: A Multimedia
Guide to the Body and How It Works. With audio and animation, it is available in
Windows and Mac versions for $79.95.

Product Details

Hardcover: 240 pages
Publisher: DK ADULT; 1 edition (September 1, 1995)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1564589927



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