Listen to the Drum: Blackwolf Shares His Medicine

by Blackwolf Jones (Author), Gina Jones (Author)

Product Description
Steeped in Anishinaabe remedies for psychological healing and personal growth,
Listen to the Drum invites us to learn to listen at the deepest level. It also
helps us learn about our unique and special purpose, how to walk in balance and
harmony on the Red Road, and how to connect to the River of Life. A deeply
inspiring and refreshing invitation to learn from Native American traditions.

About the Author
As a respected Ojibway Elder, insightful author, and sought after licensed
psychotherapist Blackwolf (Robert Jones M.S.) brings an electrifying healing
presence to workshops, seminars, and gatherings.Blackwolf has blended ancient
tribal healing remedies with contemporary approaches to profoundly redirect
societal inequities and defuse cultural abuse. These effective teachings promote
healthy balance through unique humor, storytelling, and candid observations.
Consequently, participants are moved to review and redefine their present value
system responses towards self and others.This presenter is a necessary guest
because his native spiritual wisdom speaks clearly on both individual and
collective levels. These age old understandings enhance and expand former
awarenesses hidden within current societal programming. Participants, thereby,
find a strong sense of belonging and feel newfound connections to both the
spiritual and physical laws of the universe. Blackwolf has taught Ojibway
culture at the University of Wisconsin and has co-authored three books currently
distributed in ten countries. The Healing Drum, Listen to the Drum, and Earth
Dance Drum can be obtained through most bookstores in North America. Blackwolf
is an elder of Ojibway tribal heritage. He grew up on the Lac Corte Oreilles
reservation in Northwestern Wisconsin and learned from his elders, ancient
tribal ways and Wisdom.After serving in the Korean conflict, and attending
pre-law school at Marquette University, Blackwolf fell victim to alcoholism for
twenty years. Since 1977 he has enjoyed continuous sobriety and went on to
become a licensed psychotherapist specializing in addictionolgy. What he has
brought to the clinical arena is old age tribal healing remedies coupled with
contemporary approaches.Blackwolf is an international speaker and workshop
presenter. He has also taught Ojibway culture at the University of Wisconsin.
Blackwolf now resides in Greenbay, Wisconsin. Gina Jones, coauthor of Sacred
Self, Sacred Relationships is a grandmother, mother, wife, teacher, writer, and
artist. Gina currently teaches middle school language arts and social studies in
Green Bay, Wisconsin. She holds a bachelor's degree in education and a master's
degree focusing on the Creative Arts in Learning. Gina is of mixed heritage,
including European and Mohawk ancestry.Beginning in 1996, Gina has facilitated
gatherings for women focusing on personal development and celebration.

Connecting with her Indian ancestry, Gina is an annual presenter at
Abinooji-aki's Celebration of Women on the Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa
Reservation in northwestern Wisconsin, and has presented at The American Club in
Koller, Wisconsin and Cambridge University in England. Coauthor of The Healing
Blanket, Listen to the Drum, The Healing Drum, and Earth Dance Drum, Gina has
joined respected Ojibwa teachers, including her husband Blackwolf, to
communicate traditional healing and hope to a world in need. Gina loves to
teach. She has received the 1998 Wisconsin Kohl Fellowship Award for Educators,
nominated for Whose Who Among America's Teachers, developed an extensive
curriculum unit for CESA 6, and presented Writing Workshops for educators in the
state of Wisconsin. Future plans include publication of young adult literature
and additional resources for educators. As an artist, Gina enjoys drawing,
music, drama, storytelling, and writing. Her poetry has been featured in the
anthology Unsilenced: The Spirit of Women and her writing includes both fiction
and non-fiction. She continues to sing at occasional weddings and plays guitar.
She has directed middle school musicals and integrates all the arts into her
teaching and writing.Gina's hope is to leave a legacy of love, both through her
creative endeavors and in her personal relationships with family and friends.

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Paperback: 224 pages
Publisher: Hazelden; New Ed edition (September 29, 1996)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1568385676



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