Living Foods for Optimum Health: A Highly Effective Program to Remove Toxins

by Brian R. Clement (Author), Theresa Foy Digeronimo (Author)

Editorial Reviews

This book advocates a diet primarily of "fresh, organic, uncooked, unrefined
foods that provide the body with everything it needs to stay strong, healthy,
and vigorous." Switching to this diet of "living" foods can be a big step for
the millions of fast-food addicts out there, but the long-term health
benefits--cancer prevention, weight loss, increased longevity and energy--are
more desirable than a measly paper bag of salty fries.

Written in conjunction with the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida, which
has been known to help cancer patients into remission through diet, this book
takes a slightly scare-tactic approach, citing a few too many frightening health
statistics ("1 in 3 Americans alive today will develop cancer"). However, its
intentions are spot-on. To make the transition to the Institute's recommended
diet (75 percent raw fruits and vegetables and 25 percent cooked foods--mainly
grains and soups), it gives more than 100 recipes and a week's worth of sample
menus, and even instructions on how to sprout your own seeds and nuts. For
anyone truly dedicated to going beyond vegetarian to living the whole-foods way,
this book is a solid, encouraging guide.

From the World-Renowned Hippocrates Health Institute

Product Details

Hardcover: 288 pages
Publisher: Prima Lifestyles (June 12, 1996)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0761502580



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