Medicine, Monopolies, and Malice

by Chester A. Wilk (Author)

Editorial Reviews

This is the story of a courageous group of chiropractors who charged the
powerful American Medical Association with an antitrust suit and won.
Chiropractic was apparently just a little too successful for the medical
establishment's liking. Dr. Wilk and his colleagues had the scientific studies
to prove it. Thanks to them, Americans retain the ability to choose how they
want their backs cared for.

From Booklist
Wilk was the moving force behind the pioneering antitrust suit Wilk v. American
Medical Association. He describes how he conceived the suit gradually as he saw
that his and his fellow chiropractors' live-and-let-live attitude was getting
them nowhere against the legal harassment of organized standard medicine. After
selling the idea of a suit to his colleagues and forming the National
Chiropractic Antitrust Committee to drum up donations for legal expenses, Wilk,
his high-powered lawyer, and his three coplaintiffs formally initiated the suit
late in 1976. Four years later, it went to a jury that found the defendants not
guilty. Wilk and company next sought a bench trial, in which they were, in 1987,
ultimately successful. Wilk gives a well-documented and lively account of his
highly important suit, considering both its psychological and its legal aspects.

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Paperback: 245 pages
Publisher: Avery; 1 edition (1996)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0895296470



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