Reclaiming Our Health

by John Robbins (Author)

Editorial Reviews

New Times, May 1997
This is a fascinating portrait of the current state of the medical system in the
United States. Particularly interesting is the historical background explaining
how the current system has become to entrenched. Robbins presents some sobering
statistics about the effectiveness of our technological approach when compared
to the lower cost and less invasive approached found in other countries. Anyone
with an interest in the current health care crisis will find this book extremely
informative. Areas explored in the book include womens health-care issues such as childbirth,
menopause, hysterectomy, and birth control. Other issues explored are cancer
treatment, the use of Ritalin as a treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity
Disorder, and the emergence of alternative medicine in spite of opposition from
the American Medical Association (AMA). Robbins exposes the myth that the AMA
has the health of U.S. citizens as its top priority. Alarming evidence is
presented indicating that the AMA is interested primarily in maintaining the
market share of its physicians.

Invaluable information is presented about the use of midwives versus hospital
births. The U.S. has one of the highest cesarean rates and one of the world's
highest infant mortality rates of all industrialized nations. In the U.S. 97% of
all births occur in hospitals, while in the Netherlands, where the infant
mortality rate is lower, 35% of all births occur at home. Robbins presents a
convincing case that the welfare of the mother and baby are better served
through the use of midwives.

The section of the book dealing with cancer presents alternative treatments
which in many cases are more effective than the current protocol of chemotherapy
and radiation. Robbins revelation of how radiation became such a prevalent part
of cancer therapy is particularly chilling. Memorial Sloan Kettering (the
world's largest private cancer treatment center) was given a large donation in
1913 with the condition that radiation be used in all its cancer treatments. The
donor owned multiple radium mines and stood to gain financially if additional
uses were found for radiation.

In spite of some of the depressing statistics presented, this book is written in
a positive and uplifting way. Solutions are offered along with the philosophical
shifts that need to occur so that the reader can become more empowered about his
or her own health care. This is a very useful and insightful book.

New Age Retailer, November/December 1996

Have you ever watched a friend or loved one die? Did you wonder why they had to
endure so much, especially at the hands of those you had expected to help? Have
you ever wondered why it is taking so long to find a cure for cancer or AIDS?
Have you ever had a baby in this country? Have you every tried to tell your
healthcare provider something and been told he or she know best and not to
worry? I believe these questions would elicit at least one affirmative answer
from just about everyone in our country.

The title is descriptive and, I believe, correct - we will feel an explosion
from reading this book. People will be shocked and angered. I certainly was!
John Robbins has let the cat out of the bag - the cat being the way Americans
are manipulated by the American Medical Association, the tobacco industry,
pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, and by the multi-million dollar
industry we call healthcare.

Robbins reveals the cover-ups, the scandals, and the greed that feed on the most
vulnerable segments of our society: women, children, the elderly, and those who
are already struggling with health issues. He exposes the ridicule and outright
lies broadcast in an attempt to eliminate chiropractic and other alternative
healing practices, not because they were not helping those who sought out
alternative care, but because they were taking money from those who would rather
line their pockets than cure millions of ill individuals.

Robbins outlines a practical approach using both conventional and alternative
care so that we can benefit from the best of both resources. This book is
well-written and researched. It has an extensive notes section that documents
facts and a resource directory that give pertinent information about where to
obtain more information on womens issues, parenting and children, healthy diet,
alternative medicine, consumer rights, and much more. I would recommend this
book to any adult, especially someone who is dealing with medical issues.
Reclaiming Our Health is a must-read for any person who strives to be well-informed.

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Paperback: 420 pages
Publisher: KRAMER, H.J.; 1 edition (1996)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0915811804



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