Breaking Out of Environmental Illness: Essential Reading for People with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Allergies, and Chemical Sensitivities

by Robert Sampson (Author), Patricia Hughes (Author)

Editorial Reviews

From Library Journal
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), or EI (environmental illness), is a poorly
understood phenomenon that has no scientifically accepted definition or
treatment. However, one commonality among MCS sufferers is development of
physical symptoms after exposure to chemical substances. As symptoms appear,
sufferers can become hypersensitive to many everyday chemicals, such as perfume,
household cleansers, and exhausts. Many self-help books address this medical
mystery, including classics like Bonnye Matthews's Chemical Sensitivity
(McFarland, 1992), Janice Stubbe Wittenberg's The Rebellious Body (LJ 11/1/96),
and Sherry Rogers's Tired or Toxic? Of the two new additions to the field,
Radetsky's book is the more comprehensive in terms of MCS case histories, the
relationship of MCS to Gulf War syndrome, medicolegal difficulties in
establishing MCS as a "real" disease entity, and the possible cause(s) of MCS.
By contrast, Breaking Out of Environmental Illness is an account by two MCS
sufferers who on their journey to find a cure find solace from a "great
spiritual teacher and healer who has a deep connection to Earth and humanity."
This book is interesting if not essential reading for people with MCS/EI, but
Radetsky's book belongs on the shelf with established MCS works.

From Booklist
When Sampson and Hughes met in 1989, both already manifested signs of
environmental illness. They chronicle their subsequent experiences with chemical
sensitivities and also Hughes' realization that she was a survivor of the
post-traumatic stress of recovering from an abusive childhood. Feeling trapped
in the city, the couple fled to the country, adopting flexible work hours so
they needed to stay in their in-town apartment only several nights weekly. But
country life brought unusual fatigue, muscle spasms, and worse. Through
channeling and such other means of accessing and releasing inner spiritual
energy as kinesiology, they eventually turned the corner to improved health by
clearing themselves of anger, anxiety, and other negative energies. Fans of
Shirley MacLaine's books well may love Sampson and Hughes' effort, while others
may find it somewhat unbelievable.

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Paperback: 272 pages
Publisher: Bear & Company (April 1, 1997)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 187918141X



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