Renewal: The Anti-Aging Revolution

by Timothy J. Smith (Author)

Editorial Reviews

Want to live to 120? Then pick up a copy of Renewal: The Anti-Aging Revolution
by Timothy J. Smith M.D., and start making diet and lifestyle changes today. In
Renewal, Dr. Smith, a practicing physician with more than 25 years of experience
in a broad range of disciplines, including alternative, nutritional, and Chinese
medicine, provides specific instructions to keep your body from wearing out
prematurely or succumbing to the ravages of degenerative disease.
Renewal incorporates the latest longevity research and is packed with terrific
information that is a pleasure to read. You'll learn how and why we age and,
more important, how to reverse heart disease, destroy cancer cells, erase
visible signs of aging, boost brain power, attack aging at the cellular level,
and extend your life span by protecting healthy cells and repairing or replacing
damaged or dead ones. This challenging program has three components: an
anti-aging diet (a low-fat, vegan eating plan), supplement program (which
includes sections on phytochemicals, fiber, and herbs like ginkgo, garlic, and
ginseng), and exercise program. Renewal also contains a 14-day meal plan with
recipes and chapters on anti-aging hormones and "smart pills." Follow Dr.
Smith's advice and you'll keep each of your body's 100 trillion cells humming
for decades to come.


"Comprehensive...The sheer scope of this book makes it a great reference guide
for anyone interested in staving off the ravages of aging."--Washington Times

"While we can't stop the aging process, we can make dramatic changes in the way
we age. In his book Renewal, Dr. Timothy Smith shows us how."--New Orleans

"Smith combines alternative and Western medical approaches, focusing on both
physical and mental components in his program that facilitates the body's
capacity to regenerate its own vitality."--Publishers Weekly

Product Details

Mass Market Paperback: 640 pages
Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks (November 15, 1999)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0312972091



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