Toxic Deception

by Dan Fagin (Author)

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From Booklist
Fagin and other investigative reporters, with funding by the Center for Public
Integrity, show chemical companies successfully working to keep known health
threats profitably on the market. The authors suggest one industry method for
prosperity: nearly half the top officials who left the Environmental Protection
Agency (EPA) in the last 15 years now work for these companies, directly or
indirectly--which might explain why the industry is essentially responsible for
testing the toxic effects of its own chemicals and then reporting the results to
the EPA. The authors find numerous discrepancies between the work of industry
and that of independent scientists. Chemical companies also resort to
obfuscation, lawsuits both threatened and real, propaganda, and borderline
fraud. The result is that their products continue to contaminate our air, water,
and food. And those pro-environmental television commercials these companies
sponsor? After reading this book, many viewers will never take them seriously again.

Peter Montague, Rachel's Environment and Health Weekly, July 11, 1997, about
first edition

"...describes the nearly complete failure of all our attempts to regulate the
behavior of the chemical corporations.... Even those of us who study chemicals
and health full-time have never put all the pieces together the way these two have."

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Paperback: 250 pages
Publisher: COMMON COURAGE PRESS; 1 edition (1999)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1567511627



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