Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine

by Andrew Chevallier (Author), Gillian Emerson-Roberts (Editor)

Editorial Reviews

From Library Journal
This is the second edition of Chevallier's The Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants
(LJ 12/96). Although the title has changed, the format and contents are
substantially the same. Careful comparison of the two editions, though, reveals
that the text of the second edition has been revised to reflect the latest
herbal research and includes some herbs not mentioned in the earlier book, such
as cat's claw. The new edition also addresses the issues of quality control and
the safe use of herbal remedies. But as with the original, initial and final
chapters address the development of herbal medicine, world herbal traditions,
and home remedies. Sandwiched between this material is an alphabetical listing
by Latin name of 550 of the most commonly used individual herbs. One hundred key
plants are given a full-page spread outlining their habitat and cultivation,
related species, key constituents and actions, research, traditional and current
uses, parts used, key preparations, and self-help uses. In a separate
alphabetical list, an additional 450 plants are covered in less detail. A fine
bibliography and index complete the book. As with all DK publications, the
encyclopedia is lavishly illustrated with high-quality color captioned
photographs and focus boxes. Rodale's Illustrated Encyclopedia of Herbs (1998)
is a similar title directed to a different audience. Although the Rodale book
addresses briefly the medicinal uses of the listed herbs, there is a much
stronger emphasis on the horticultural and culinary aspects. Deni Bown's
Encyclopedia of Herbs and Their Uses (1995) is more comprehensive, covering over
1000 herbs, but has less information regarding their medicinal use. Therefore,
the new Chevallier volume remains a top choice for a library reference on the
medicinal use of herbs for the public, although North American practitioners
will find it lacking in the coverage of regional herbs. Recommended for both
public and academic libraries.

Book Description
Fully updated and authoritative, this revised edition of DK's Encyclopedia of
Herbal Medicine makes this classic, completely illustrated reference guide even
bigger and better than the original. Featuring more than 550 medicinal plants
and the most current scientific research, this volume provides a comprehensive
guide to healing with the world's oldest form of medicine. A unique photographic
index profiles over 550 plants, with detailed information on habitat and
cultivation, parts used, active constituents, therapeutic properties, and
traditional and current uses. A special section profiles 100 of the most common
plants, featuring herbal preparations and recommendations for self-treatment.
Guidelines on growing, harvesting, and storing medicinal plants also demonstrate
making remedies for home use. In addition, accessible text offers fascinating
insight into the chemistry of plants and their healing properties, explaining
how and why they work as medicines within the body. The major herbal traditions
of different cultures- Europe, India, China, Africa, Australia, and the
Americas- are vividly described. A review of herbs from a historical perspective
reveals the connection between medicinal herbs and cultural beliefs toward
healing. Offering extensive coverage of all that herbs are- from cultural
traditions to chemical components to self-treatments for common ailments-this
Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine is the ultimate reference for anyone interested
in exploring the healing benefits of medicinal plants.

Product Details

Hardcover: 336 pages
Publisher: DK ADULT; Revised edition (December 1, 2000)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0789467836



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