How to Grow Vegetables and Fruits by the Organic Method

by J. I. Rodale (Editor), J.I. Rodale (Author)

Editorial Reviews

Another impressive tome from Rodale Press, this practical text of nearly 1,000
pages covers organic gardening from the first soil preparation to the final
harvesting and preserving. How to Grow Vegetable and Fruits by the Organic
Method may be a bit daunting for the novice gardener, simply because of the
size, but rest assured that all information is presented with a clear and simple
vocabulary that first-timers can relate to easily. There's lots of handy lists
and tables outlining the chemical composition of common items (feathers, fur,
leaves) as well as charts for planting seasons and depths.

Unusual in a book of this size, there's also lots of letters from amateur
gardeners addressing topics that range from a favorite type of lettuce (oakleaf)
to in-house mushroom cultivation (under the sink is excellent). Illustrations
tend to be line drawings, as well as small black-and-white photos--while
helpful, they're just not as eye-pleasing as the big, color photos found in
other books. For the committed organic gardener, the completeness of the text
should more than make up for the lack of prettiness, as this book outlines
numerous successful methods in use for decades. A great textbook for a crash
course in organics or a handy reference manual for unfamiliar challenges, this
is sure to provide fresh ideas for even the most experienced green thumbs out
there. --Jill Lightner

Book Description
Originally published in 1959, this is the book that started it all. J.I. Rodale,
founder of the organic gardening movement in the United States, compiled
information from his visionary magazine into a 1100 page masterpiece on the art
and function of organic gardening. Not a word has been changed in this
nostalgic, yet extraordinarily applicable work. Topics include flower and
vegetable gardening, soils, composting, greenhouses, fruit and nut trees, lawns,
landscaping, pest control, and more. The Encuyclopedia of Organic Gardening
truly does for gardeners what Betty Crocker's Picture Cookbook is doing for food lovers!

Product Details

Hardcover: 926 pages
Publisher: Rodale Press; 1st edition (January 2000)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0875968422



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