Politics in Healing: The Suppression & Manipulation of American Medicine

by Daniel Haley (Author)

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From Booklist
Haley gathers 12 medical outsiders' stories to support his theory that the AMA,
FDA, and big pharmaceutical companies conspire to prevent new ideas from
entering medical research and practice. His subjects include Andrew Ivy, who
advocated the discredited anticancer drug Krebiozen; anticancer herbalist Harry
Hoxsey; anticancer blood researcher Gaston Naessens; and antineoplastin
researcher Stanislaw Burzynski. Those persecuted medical investigators are
fairly well known, but some of Haley's other cases concern forgotten men like
William Koch, developer of the antipolio drug Glyoxylide, whom many may find
more interesting because of their obscurity. The stories of all 12 are often
absent from current medical histories, which alone makes this book worthwhile.
Haley's thesis that many of his subjects were victims of organized medicine,
however, remains unproven. Moreover, his assertion that at least five of the 12
should have been Nobel laureates strains credibility, and the implication that
the AMA controls the decisions of the Nobel committees seems dubious.

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Paperback: 465 pages
Publisher: Potomac Valley Press (December 2000)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0970115008



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