The Good Herb: Recipes and Remedies from Nature

by Judith B. Hurley (Author)

Editorial Reviews

From Publishers Weekly
IACP/Seagram Award winner Hurley (The Healing Foods), former food editor of
Prevention, offers a thoughtful exploration of herbs that enhance health, from
the calming effect of rosemary in an aromatic headache remedy to the cooling
flavor of fresh coriander to soothe a stomachache. Each plant is discussed in
terms of its culture, healing properties, uses in natural cosmetics, and
culinary applications. Recipes range from the super-simple (herbed lemonade,
infused with lemon balm and citrus juice), to more elaborate tinctures and
recipes-such as grilled tuna steak topped with a salsa of green olives, roasted
peppers and savory. Hurley profiles more than 45 herbs, adopting a cheerfully
brisk tone. She is careful to advise readers to obtain proper medical care for
serious ailments, and avoids making extravagant claims for the health-giving
herbs she surveys. This is an easily browsed reference for herb lovers and
natural-health aficionados. Photos not seen by PW

From Library Journal
This well-organized compendium of diverse herbal information, written in
straightforward style by the author of several books on nutrition (e.g., The
Healing Foods, Rodale, 1989), will appeal to both the novice and those already
experienced in the use of herbs. The first section is a guide to the best-known
herbs (from basil, bee balm, and borage to tansy, tarragon, and thyme), with
separate chapters discussing herbal lore, healing and cosmetic properties,
planting and growing advice, and healthful recipes. The more than 200 recipes
are international, employing many unfamiliar combinations (biscuits made with
catnip, zucchini cooked with mint). The second section presents traditional and
modern methods of herbal therapy for the prevention and treatment of dozens of
health conditions (including stress, indigestion, and menopause). Hurley
stresses intelligently balancing medicinal herbs with other methods of
healthcare and consultation with professionals. Her interesting text can also
serve as a valuable, easy-to-use reference work due to the addition of a
glossary, list of herbal resources, illustrations, and well-designed indexes
covering recipes, ingredients, and symptoms. For popular health and cookery collections.

Product Details

Paperback: 416 pages
Publisher: William Morrow Cookbooks (August 8, 2000)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0688179029



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