Call of the Great Spirit: The Shamanic Life and Teachings of Medicine Grizzly Bear

by Bobby Lake-Thom (Author)

Book Description
A traditional Native American healer from the Karuk tribe shares his personal
story of reconnection to the Great Spirit in contemporary America.

By Bobby Lake-Thom, author of the bestseller Native Healer.

Provides Native American shamanic perspective on disease and healing.

Explores indigenous social identity in a spiritual and political context.

Reveals authentic indigenous traditions and ceremonies from numerous tribes.

This redemption story of Native American healer Bobby Lake-Thom invites the
reader to enter a world of authentic indigenous traditions and ceremonies.
Bobby, also known as Medicine Grizzly Bear, didn't recognize his shamanic
calling at first. He didn't know that his vivid dreams, psychic abilities, and
visitations by wild animals and ghostly figures were calls from the Great Spirit.

In the age-old shamanic tradition, it took a near-death experience for the
message to get through to him. Though still a young man, he was wracked with
debilitating arthritis. Unable to handle the physical and psychic pain, he set
out into the wilderness determined to kill himself with an overdose of drugs and
alcohol. But before downing the substances, he approximated a Native American
ceremony as best he could, sending a heartfelt prayer for assistance to the
Great Spirit. He woke up--alive--the next morning and received a message from
Eagle, telling him to seek help from Wahsek, a medicine man in the northern
mountains. And so Bobby's apprenticeship began. Forbidden to reveal Wahsek's
secrets until 10 years after his death, Bobby is now free to share this
fascinating story with the world.

About the Author
Bobby Lake-Thom (Medicine Grizzly Bear) is a traditional native healer and
spiritual teacher trained by 16 medicine men and women from different tribes. He
lectures, conducts workshops, and has doctored hundreds of people from all walks
of life. He has also served as Professor for Native American Studies at Humbolt
State University and as an Indian affairs specialist for numerous Indian tribes
and organizations in the United States. He lives in California.

Product Details

Paperback: 256 pages
Publisher: Bear & Company (November 1, 2001)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1879181665



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