Doctor Murray's Total Body Tune-Up: Slow Down the Aging Process

by Michael Murray (Author)

Editorial Reviews

Michael Murray is on a mission. A prominent naturopath, professor, and coauthor
of the hugely popular Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, he's been teaching
people for over 20 years to "harness the power of nature and achieve the highest
level of health possible." In his Total Body Tune-Up, Murray outlines a plan to
adjust the major organs of the body on a cellular level, using nutrition,
vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs--and the body's natural drive to heal
itself. "Most cells in the body reproduce many times during your lifespan," he
writes. "By tuning up, you can make sure that each new generation of cells is as
fit and robust as its ancestors."

Murray opens each chapter with a symptom checklist, so readers can prioritize
the needs of the various body systems--digestive, cardiovascular, reproductive,
and so on--as high, medium, or low. He then explains how each system works when
healthy, inspiring an odd affection for all the organs needing nutritional
support, from the brain to the thymus. ("If the entire absorptive area of the
small intestine were laid flat, it would be the size of a tennis court.")
Because naturopaths practice holistic medicine, he covers stress, humor, and
optimism, and gives dosages and brand names for hundreds of supplement regimens.
Murray's book is so full of useful nutrition information, the occasional missing
piece is forgivable. (Most Americans adults, he writes, eat 100 pounds of sugar
and at least 40 pounds of "other sweeteners" a year--yet he fails to detail the
health hazards of what's inside those ubiquitous blue and pink packets.)
The book's title notwithstanding--the body as car needing a tune-up is a bit
rusty--Murray writes with a knack for metaphor. (Phase II detoxification in the
liver is "like handcuffing the toxin so it can be escorted out of the body by
the biological equivalent of security guards.") Citations for the clinical
research articles he pulls from would have been useful for readers seeking more
information. Still, this is a must-have reference for anyone who wants to move
toward the promise of well-being, whether readers have a medical condition or
want to prevent health problems.

From Library Journal
Natural medicine expert Murray, seen on Prime Time Live, Dateline, and more,
offers his prescription for slowing down the aging process and healing the body.

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Paperback: 432 pages
Publisher: Bantam (August 28, 2001)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0553379526



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