Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening

by J. I. Rodale (Author), Editor J. I. Rodale (Author)

Editorial Reviews

This hefty reference manual is absolutely packed with specific information on
everything from bee-keeping to window gardening. More like a standard textbook
than most gardening books of today, Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening has been
around since 1959, and in its 1,000-plus pages manages to address everything
from the nitrogen content of common items (feathers, eggshells, etc.) to
choosing the most appropriate foundation planting for a formal entrance. The
only illustrations are plain black and white, and fancy color photography is
nonexistent. This lack is balanced by the healthy dose of charts and analytical
lists shown throughout. Don't be scared by the seemingly technical
presentation--this is a clearly written book that's easy to follow even for the
novice gardener.

The answer to any possible gardening question is sure to be found here for both
backyard green thumbs and those interested in heavy, possibly profitable,
production of organic vegetables and herbs. Arranged alphabetically, you'll find
multipage explanations of organic fertilizers next to a one-paragraph
description of fenugreek. Most plants have multiple listings, as the authors
tried to include many slang names of common flowers and grasses--no Latin
necessary with this plant guide. Not meant to be a glossy coffee-table book,
this encyclopedia is exactly what a reference book should be--serious, friendly,
helpful, and thorough.

Book Description
This hefty volume was originally published in 1961 by organic gardening
revolutionary J.I. Rodale, and it became the fruit and vegetable grower's bible.
Actually seven manuals in one, it covers general organic gardening techniques,
vegetable growing, home fruit and garden orchards, organic fruit culture,
organic nut culture, herb gardening, and growing exotic tropical fruits.
Like timeless wisdon passed down through the ages, readers will learn why J.I.'s
visionary ideas about organic gardening are still appropriate for today's
gardeners. Not a word has been changed throughout this 928-page manual--a unique
and nostalgic find for gardeners and historians alike.

Product Details

Hardcover: 159 pages
Publisher: Running Press Book Publishers; Miniature edition (February 1, 2001)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0762409851



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