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Genetically Engineered Food: Changing the Nature of Nature

by Martin Teitel (Author), Martin Teitel Ph.D. (Author), Ralph Nader (Foreword)

Editorial Reviews

Ralph Nader
There is no escape other than to fight back and demand an open scientific
process and a response to persistent questions.

"Cuts through all the hype and misconceptions surrounding genetically engineered
food and provides the indispensable primer."
( Jeremy Rifkin, author of The Biotech Century )

"This is an impressively readable and informative treatment."
(Talking Leaves, Spring/Summer 2000 )

" . . . thorough and alarming. People who are concerned about their health and
the health of the planet should read this book."
(Vermont Times )

"Authors Teitel and Wilson have performed an important and timely service in
writing their book."
(Dr. Joseph Ray, Atlantis Rising, Number 24 )

"A gripping account of the environmental, social, political, ethical, legal and
economic decisions . . . about genetic engineering and our food supply."
(Earth Island Journal, Volume 17, number 4 )

"An honest, eye-opening read for the consumer who is concerned with what really
comes off the grocery store shelves."
(New Texas, June 2002 )

"Read and learn what genetic engineering is, how it works, and the ways in which
it affects your cuisine choices."
(PJ Birosik, Nexus, July/August 2002 )

". . . a comprehensive and persuasive primer that is guaranteed to make readers
take this new and daunting aspect of food production seriously."
(Orion Afield, Winter 2001/02 )

"In simple, straightforward language, Martin Teitel and Kimberly A. Wilson guide
readers through the questionalble process of toying with a food's gene pool, and
offer a glimpse of the technology hidden behind the misleading label."
(The Environmental Magazine, January/February 2000 )

"Teitel and Wilson provide a scientific and comprehensive guide about the
potential dangers of these new foods. The book reinforces its research with
extensive footnotes and indexes, along with a variety of advocacy and
informational websites."
(Today's Librarian, December 2000 )

"Few, if any, food issues are hotter right now in the public mind than the issue
of genetically engineered food. This book is a simple, readable treatise
detailing the main dangers of genetically modified food, ranging from its
predictability, the assault on biodiversity, ethical problems of the patenting
of seeds and life forms, the merging of the food and chemical industries and the
global oppression of the family farmer. With a forward by Ralph Nader, this book
is a must-have, no matter which side of the GE food debate one is on, since it
provides such a thorough, and yet relatively brief coverage of the "anti" side
in this fascinating, complex, and extremely important debate. Recommended."
(Anne Newkirk Niven, SageWoman, Winter '00 - 01 )

Product Details

Paperback: 208 pages
Publisher: Park Street Press; 2nd edition (April 1, 2001)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0892819480



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