Natural Healing For Dogs And Cats

by The Editors of Prevention Health Books (Author)

Product Description

Your Ultimate Resource for Your Pet's Holistic Health

Four drops of the flower essence crab apple will calm a stressed-out Siamese. An
all-natural alternative to commercial pet food can eliminate kidney problems,
digestive ailments, and dry skin. A tea bag compress will cool hot spots....

The natural therapies used in human medicine--herbs, flower essences,
acupuncture, homeopathy, nutritional therapy--work for your pet, too! The
editors of Prevention health Books asked today's top holistic vets for the best
natural ways to keep a dog or cat health, active, and youthful during the
longest possible life. The result is an essential A-Z home-care encyclopedia for
every pet owner, with up-to-date information about:

--Home remedies for common ailments from Allergies to Worms.
--An exercise program for total health...including when to put on the dog
--"Blended" care for the serious illness, such as homeopathy for healing after
--Complete balance, no-commericial-pet-food diets for both dogs and cats.
--All-natural skin care treatment for itching, drab coat, mange, mites, and
--Training tips and herbal help for barking, soiling, jumping, and more.
--Clear guidelines for getting for your pet to the vet to save his life!

About the Author
PREVENTION HEALTH BOOKS is a division of Rodale, Inc., a publisher of such
top-selling magazines as Prevention, Men's Health, and Runner's World, along
with today's most authoritative health books, including the 20-million-copy
selling Doctors Book of Home Remedies Series.

Prevention, America's #1 Choice for Healthy Living, is the single most popular
health magazine in the country and is the nation's third most trusted source for
health advice, trailing only the doctor and pharmacist in authority.
The Editors of Prevention Health Books are also the creators of the Prevention's
Best titles: Pain-free Living for Seniors, Anti-Aging Secrets, Fat Fighters,
Healing Herbs, Vitamin Cures, Complementary Cures, Natural Remedies For Women,
and Power Foods.

Product Details

Mass Market Paperback: 288 pages
Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks; Rodale/St. Martin's Paperbacks (July 15, 2001)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0312978782



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 Natural Lifestyles and Freedom of Choice in Holistic Healthcare