Protect Your Pet: More Shocking Facts

by Ann N. Martin (Author)

Editorial Reviews

From Publishers Weekly
In Food Pets Die For, which has sold more than 20,000 copies, Ann N. Martin
censured the pet-food industry with meticulous evidence of contaminants in
commercial food that can cause degenerative diseases and even death. Now she's
back with Protect Your Pet: More Shocking Facts, an expos of inadequate
regulation and unsavory industry practices. With perseverance, she eventually
ferreted out the truth confirmed by the head of one meat-processing company that
the U.S. permits the sale of condemned meat as pet food. Though it may provoke
disgust and outrage, pet owners who want the best for their cats and dogs should read this book. Inc.

From Library Journal
Today's concerned pet owners worry about the contents of their companion
animals' food; wonder whether they should provide homecooked meals or raw meat
instead of commercial pet food; agonize about annual vaccinations, which some
believe are the cause of an increased incidence of cancer in dogs and cats; and
weigh the risks and benefits of giving certain drugs to their pets. Martin
addresses these issues and updates her investigation of the unsavory and
unhealthy practices of the pet food industry, which she began in Food Pets Die
For (New Sage, 1997). She implicates diet in the increase of certain conditions,
including the spread of Mad Cow disease across species. Martin provides a
commonsense approach to the vaccination schedule, and her recommendations are
based on solid research and are carefully footnoted. She concludes her book with
recipes for healthy, homemade pet food, a listing of pet food and pet
health-related web sites, and a state-by-state list of agencies concerned with
food safety. Recommended for public libraries.

Product Details

Paperback: 200 pages
Publisher: NewSage Press (May 2001)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0939165422



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