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Fatal Harvest: The Tragedy Of Industrial Agriculture

by Andrew Kimbrell (Editor)

Editorial Reviews

From Scientific American
"We ... find ourselves in the midst of a historic battle over two very different
visions of the future of food in the 21st century. A grassroots public movement
for organic, ecological, and humane food is now challenging the decades-long
hegemony of the corporate, industrial model." With 58 essays and more than 250
photographs, Kimbrell, director of the Center for Food Safety, aims to provide
"a timely treasure trove of ammunition" for that movement. The ammunition
includes a litany of environmental harms caused by industrial agriculture and a
strategy for bringing about "the end of agribusiness."
Editors of Scientific American

From Booklist
How and why has agriculture, an endeavor that for millennia involved intimate
knowledge of and profound respect for nature and place, become so industrialized
that it's wreaking havoc all around the world? And what can people do about it?
Editor Kimbrell, author of The Human Body Shop (1993), has assembled an eloquent
group of contributors to answer these urgent questions in a book distinctive for
its wealth of clarifying information and illuminating interpretations as well as
for its generous design and striking use of photographs. Seminal thinkers such
as Wendell Berry, Wes Jackson, and Ron Kroese make the distinction between
agrarian and industrial agriculture, assess the treacherous divide between them,
and chronicle the catastrophic unintended consequences of monoculture farming,
genetically engineered seeds, and the massive use of toxic pesticides and
fertilizers. Kimbrell and company not only testify to the myriad ill effects of
agriculture based solely on profit rather than the well-being of people and the
planet, they also discuss alternative farming practices and the prospect for a
new agrarianism and a brighter future.

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Paperback: 384 pages
Publisher: Foundation for Deep Ecology; 1 edition (May 1, 2002)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1559639415



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