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Kindred Spirits: How the Remarkable Bond Between Humans and Animals Can Change the Way we Live

by Allen M. Dvm Ms Schoen (Author)

Editorial Reviews

From Publishers Weekly
Invoking the "mystical, magical, or metaphysical" aspects of our relationships
with animals, veterinarian Schoen (Love, Miracles and Animal Healing) recounts
his dawning awareness of amazing acts of courage and compassion by animals
toward both their human companions and one another. Early in his career, his
golden retriever, Megan, came to act as his "ecumenical guide" and veterinary
assistant, responding to the distress of an injured lamb, kitten or cow--or
panicked human onlookers--with loving licks. In an engaging work that is part
memoir, part argument for a more holistic approach to veterinary medicine, this
"left-brained" man of science tells how he gradually learned to observe and
respond to an animal's emotional state, as well as to the physical needs he was
trained to focus on. Since then, with Megan's help, he has learned to care for
animals on both levels, and has incorporated alternative medicine into his
practice. While a growing number of books espouse our interrelationship with
animals and attempt to change our attitude of superiority, this account is
distinguished by Schoen's fresh voice and seamless writing. "As we learn more
about our connections to animals, we will consider them our heart," Schoen
believes. "More than anything else on this earth, animals have the facility to
make sure we remain connected to our deepest feelings.... Always remember: Do
unto all animals as you would do unto yourself." Agent, Richard Pine. (Feb.
6)Forecast: Blurbs by Andrew Weil and Bernie Siegel make this book catnip for
the legions of holistic healing enthusiasts. More potent still will be Schoen's
appearances on pledge drives for PBS affiliates, as well as a 20-city radio
satellite tour and eight-city author tour.

From Library Journal
Schoen, a pioneer in alternative therapies since 1981, is a founder and director
of the Center for Integrative Animal Health. Here he follows Love, Miracles and
Animal Healing, his first book for lay audiences, and expands readers' awareness
of veterinary acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, and other complementary
approaches. Kindred Spirits covers the benefits of the human-animal bond; seven
ways to foster a spiritual bond with your animal; wellness approaches, such as
diet therapy and preventing and treating cancer the natural way; finding
veterinary support; and how to let go when there is nothing further that can be
done. An extensive appendix of resources is included. As with human medicine,
alternative therapies are becoming more popular in the veterinary field. This
readable, engaging book, filled with many anecdotal stories, should be enjoyed
by anyone who is concerned about providing quality healthcare and creating a
bond with their pets.

Product Details

Paperback: 288 pages
Publisher: Broadway (February 12, 2002)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0767904311



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