McGee & Stuckey's Bountiful Container: Create Container Gardens of Vegetables, Herbs, Fruits

by Rose Marie Nichols McGee (Author), Maggie Stuckey (Author)

Editorial Reviews

From Publishers Weekly
McGee (Basic Herb Cookery) and veteran gardening writer Stuckey (Gardening from
the Ground Up) share their expertise and experience in the art of container
gardening. Armed with this manual, frustrated apartment dwellers can indulge
their passion for growing edible things. If there is an available balcony,
porch, front or back steps, according to the authors, growing produce in
containers can be easy and rewarding. With some limitations, it is even possible
to grow foods in a window box or on an indoor windowsill. This compendium of
practical advice includes detailed information on the types of containers to
use, equipment needed, the right soil, when to plant which seeds and how best to
deal with problems such as too much or too little sunlight. They also explain
more sophisticated techniques like succession planting, whereby ongoing seasonal
planting takes place in the same container. This can yield a harvest of peas in
early summer, tomatoes in late summer to early fall and kale that will grow into
winter. Included are mouth-watering recipes for harvested container crops.
Written for the beginner as well as for those with a background in gardening,
McGee and Stuckey's directions are comprehensive, clearly written and frequently
inspiring. Illus.

Product Description
With few exceptions-such as corn and pumpkins-everything edible that's grown in
a traditional garden can be raised in a container. And with only one
exception-watering-container gardening is a whole lot easier. Beginning with the
down-to-earth basics of soil, sun and water, fertilizer, seeds and propagation,
The Bountiful Container is an extraordinarily complete, plant-by-plant guide.

Written by two seasoned container gardeners and writers, The Bountiful Container
covers Vegetables-not just tomatoes (17 varieties) and peppers (19 varieties),
butharicots verts, fava beans, Thumbelina carrots, Chioggia beets, and sugarsnap
peas. Herbs, from basil to thyme, and including bay leaves, fennel, and saffron
crocus. Edible Flowers, such as begonias, calendula, pansies, violets, and
roses. And perhaps most surprising, Fruits, including apples, peaches, Meyer
lemons, blueberries, currants, and figs-yes, even in the colder parts of the
country. (Another benefit of container gardening: You can bring the less hardy
perennials in over the winter.) There are theme gardens (an Italian cook's
garden, a Four Seasons garden), lists of sources, and dozens of sidebars on
everything from how to be a human honeybee to seeds that are All America Selections.

Product Details

Paperback: 400 pages
Publisher: Workman Publishing Company (February 1, 2002)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0761116230



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