Black Mold: Your Health and Your Home

by Richard F. Progovitz (Author)

Book Description
Black Mold Your Health and Your Home is a comprehensive introduction to mold,
the problems it can cause and how to properly deal with it. Through two hundred
pages and five sections, author and mold expert Richard F. Progovitz explains
the facts about mold toxicity and systematically demystifies the abundance of
molds we encounter in our daily lives. Approximately one hundred species of mold
are toxic and about fifteen are known to cause negative health effects in
humans, including allergic reactions, asthma and other chronic conditions.
Recent media reports about mold infestations in schools and colleges across the
country as well as in the homes of famous personalities Ed McMahon, Melinda
Ballard and Erin Brockovich have begun to alert the public to the potential
health risks of toxic molds. Each of these incidents involve what has become
known as "Sick Building Syndrome."

Is mold silently affecting the health of your loved ones or slowly deteriorating
your home? Black Mold Your Health and Your Home was written to help you answer
these important questions.

From the Publisher
The Forager Press, LLC is pleased to present "Black Mold Your Health and Your
Home" at a time when there is a great need for reliable and approachable
scientific information on the topic. Mold is in the media due to the multitude
of mold infestations that have closed schools and colleges across the country.
These school closures have alerted, if not alarmed, the public to the health
threat posed by toxic black molds. Infested structures are labeled as having
"Sick Building Syndrome," and the problem has recently been referred to as "the
asbestos of the new millenium." Though molds have been present on earth for
millions of years, the heath problems they can cause or complicate are only now
becoming understood. We would like to thank author and mold expert Richard F.
Progovitz for providing such a thorough introduction to the problems that mold
can cause, precisely when the public needs it.

Product Details

Paperback: 200 pages
Publisher: The Forager Press, LLC; Illustrate edition (September 6, 2003)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0974394394



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