The Politics of Healing: Histories of Alternative Medicine in Twentieth-Century North America

by Robert D. Johnston (Editor)

Editorial Reviews

A fascinating introduction to a multifaceted and complexly negotiated reality
that is so often obscured under the not terribly illuminating label of
complementary and alternative medicine. Indispensable for any student of North
American health care and its twentieth-century development
–Charles E. Rosenberg, Department of the History of Science, Harvard University,
is the author of Explaining Epidemics, The Care of Strangers

This collection of essays offers both wide-ranging and elegant analyses of
alternative medicine in the United States. From anti-vaccination and
anti-fluoridation to alternative cancer care and health foods, the exceptional
scholars represented in this volume set a new standard for historical
reflections on the political cultures of medicine and healing in
twentieth-century America. The book will be essential to anyone--policymakers,
insurers, historians, regular physicians, alternative practitioners, and
patients-- interested in the histories of alternative medicine and why, in the
1990s, complementary and alternative medicine transformed the health landscape.
Historian Robert D. Johnston has performed a magisterial act of scholarship in
bringing new light and provocative observation to the complex issues in healing
in modern America
–Susan E. Lederer is the author of Subjected to Science: Human Experimentation
in America Before the Second World War

This openness to nuance and complexity makes this volume an essential reference
work for anyone interest in understanding more clearly why more than 40 percent
of adult Americans now use at least one form of alternative medicine.
–The Journal of American History, 03/2005

Book Description
From grocery store to doctor's office, alternative medicine is everywhere. A
recent survey found that more than two in five Americans uses some form of
alternative medicine. The Politics of Healing brings together top scholars in
the fields of American history, history of medicine, anthropology, sociology,
and politics to counter the view that alternative medical therapies fell into
disrepute in the decades after physicians established their institutional
authority during the Progressive Era. From homeopathy to Navajo healing, this
volume explores a variety of alternative therapies and political movements that
have set the terms of debate over North American healing methods.

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Paperback: 368 pages
Publisher: Routledge; 1 edition (December 30, 2003)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0415933390



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