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What Animals Can Teach Us About Spirituality

by Diana L. Guerrero (Author)

Book Description
Take a spiritual safari…
Do you want to deepen your spiritual connection? Do you want to strengthen your
bond with animals? What Animals Can Teach Us about Spirituality will help you
unlock the secrets of the animal kingdom, provide intriguing perspectives on the
complex relationships between nature and humans, and lead you to a greater
awareness of yourself and the world around you. Respected animal behaviorist and
therapist Diana L. Guerrero demonstrates the ways in which animals can teach us about:

Bringing Out the Best in Each Other Living in the Now Moving Beyond Fear Helping
One Another Healing through Life Experiences Living by Example Embracing Change
Positively Listening to the Unspoken Unconditional Acceptance Making Time to
Play …and much more

With practical and meaningful advice, Guerrero will help you understand why
animals touch the soul, and explore your own answer to the question: "Do animals
have souls?"

"This book is a must for anyone who wants to know more about the inner workings
of animals and to realize that, they too, are spiritual beings. For those of us
who have pets, it’s an invaluable opportunity to communicate on a much deeper
level." Louise Hay, author of You Can Heal You Life and Empowering Women.
"My animal companions have been an indispensable part of my own spiritual and
emotional journey. This book is a beautiful and inspiring guide to deepening
your relationship with the animals you love and learning how to receive the
lessons and gifts they are here to bring you." Barbara De Angelis, Ph.D., author
of Real Moments.

"In What Animals Can Teach Us About Spirituality, Diana L. Guerrero provides us
with a heartfelt nexus connecting human spirituality and animal behavior in a
new and soul stirring way." Dr. Larry Lachman, Animal Behavior Consultant and
Author of Dogs on the Couch, Cats on the Counter, and Birds off the Perch.
"Animals can teach us much about spirituality, but so can Diana Guerrero. She is
a knowing and compassionate guide into the deepest heart of the animal world. A
warm and generous book." Gayle Brandeis, author of Fruitflesh and The Book of
Dead Birds, Winner of the 2002 Bellwether Prize.

"These delightful stories and observations offer a keen insight into the
connections we have with the animal kingdom, and remind us of the importance of
those bonds." Barbara Davis, author of Darkside of Debonair: The Bushmeat Trade,
Winner of the 2003 Benjamin Franklin Award and the Silver Medallion for popular fiction.

"With great insight and wisdom, Diana L. Guerrero translates her many years of
experience working closely with animals into this splendid handbook, where
scores of fascinating and often moving animal anecdotes are applied to seven
levels of human spiritual development. This wise and valuable book reminds us
that animals are the often-overlooked but very powerful guides to our own
spirituality." Cait Johnson, author of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air: Essential
Ways of Connecting to Spirit.

" What Animals Can Teach Us About Spirituality will reveal more than that. It
provides insights into the self and strengthens your spirituality whether
animals are part of your life or not. And if you are an animal lover, it
reinforces the bonds you already enjoy with animals, domestic and wild." Rita
Robinson, co-author of Exploring Native American Wisdom.

From the Author
From the Author, Diana L. Guerrero:
What Animals Can Teach Us about Spirituality: Inspiring Lessons from Wild and
Tame Creatures takes you on an adventure into the animal kingdom. Intriguing
stories of pets, the human-animal bond, and the secrets of animal personality
are woven together with practical steps to help you gain better relationships
with creatures of all types. The result is an informative handbook that helps
you achieve an enhanced understanding of animals and teaches you how to improve
relationships with any critter. Animal guides lead the way as you navigate
through this jungle we call life.

Each segment of your journey illustrates how animals spark personal and
spiritual growth. Wild and domestic animal stories are woven into a colorful and
complex tapestry whose intricate threads will enthrall you, challenge you, and
reveal hidden secrets and lessons. (Each section incorporates more animals than
the one whose name graces the chapter title.)

Join me on this quest and discover what animals can teach us……

Product Details

Paperback: 153 pages
Publisher: Skylight Paths Publishing (September 2003)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1893361845



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