Genetically Altered Foods and Your Health

by Ken Roseboro (Author), Thomas Hirsch (Editor)

Book Description
Most people don't know what's in the food they eat every day. Although the
recognized brands of packaged and processed foods, salad dressings, canned
goods, soft drinks, snack foods, and so on may look the same as always, in many
cases their contents have radically changed. They now contain something new and
unfamiliar: genetically engineered ingredients. "Genetically Altered Foods and
Your Health" examines how genetic engineering is radically changing our food-at
great risk to human health and the environment. Why are scientists genetically
altering foods? Are they safe? Why aren't genetically engineered foods labeled
as such? Author Ken Roseboro addresses these and other issues concerning
genetically altered foods, and explains why organic foods are practical and safe
alternatives to this risky technology.

About the Author
Ken Roseboro is editor and publisher of "The Non-GMO Source," a monthly
newsletter that helps food producers respond to the challenges of genetically
engineered foods. Roseboro has written extensively about the genetic engineering
of foods for many agricultural and food industry publications, including
"Prepared Foods," "Food Processing," "World Grain," and "Natural Products
Industry Insider," among many others. He is a contributing editor to "Natural
Foods Merchandiser," and "Grain Journal."

Product Details

Paperback: 96 pages
Publisher: Basic Health Publications; 1st edition (April 2004)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1591200598



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