Homes That Heal

by Athena Thompson (Author)

Product Description
Media reports focus increasingly on the declining health of children in
industrialized countries. Asthma, autism, learning and behavior problems, and
cancer are all on the rise. At the same time, there is consistent news about
poor indoor air quality, mold and how buildings can make people sick.
Homes that Heal addresses both of these developments, revealing that our own
homes can contribute to many of these health problems. A passionate examination
of our built environment and the alarming impact today's chemically polluted
world is having on the health of present and future generations, Homes That Heal
is easy-to-read, solutions-oriented and humorous, full of stories and advice
that empower families to take back their health on a daily basis. Topics covered include:

a Healthy Home Quiz that enables readers to evaluate the health of their own
home and identify many of the common home health hazards
factors impacting indoor air quality

a room-by-room examination of typical problems and solutions
toxic materials used in building a new home or remodeling
cleaning products and other consumer hazards found in the home
an easy-to-understand introduction to the science of Bau-biologie (Building
Biology), an internationally recognized approach to healthy construction.
Packed with useful information and resources, Homes That Heal is written to be
easily understood by busy mothers and will appeal to anyone interested in the
health of his or her family. Designed for the family coffee table, it is equally
suitable for doctors' offices and home improvement stores.

Athena Thompson is an award-winning entrepreneur specializing in environmental
medicine and is an advocate for children's health. A natural health specialist
for 18 years and a certified bau-biologist (building biologist), she is
cofounder/owner of Humabuilt Healthy Building Systems and lives in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

About the Author
Athena Thompson is a certified Bau-biologist (Building Biologist) and
Cofounder/Owner of Humabuilt Healthy Building Systems. A Natural Health
Specialist for 18 years, she has managed her own private health practice in both
the UK and the US, and has been on the faculty of Naropa University in Boulder,
Colorado. An award-winning entrepreneur, Athena specializes in Environmental
Medicine and buildings, with a special focus on the health of children.

Product Details

Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: New Society Publishers (October 1, 2004)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0865715114



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