Smoke: A GlobalHistory of Smoking

by Sander L. Gilman (Editor), Xhou Zun (Editor)

Editorial Reviews

The Mail on Sunday, London, January 16, 2005
'exquisitely produced ... like a pack of cigarettes, it's something to be dipped
into for smoky treats.'

Evening Standard :
"There is an undeniable pleasure to be taken in Smoke's copious visual
material."--Evening Standard

Mail on Sunday :
"Exquisitely produced book . . . like a pack of cigarettes, it's something to be
dipped into for smoky treats."--Mail on Sunday

Nigel Barley The Times Higher Education Supplement :
"In what is perhaps the high point of the book, Daniel Gilman offers an
outstanding and subtle analysis of the way in which the question in Japan is not
'to smoke or not to smoke', but rather whether one is smoking correctly. . . The
magpie reader will find many little gems here."--Nigel Barley, The Times Higher
Education Supplement

Roger Cooter The Lancet :
"This is no book for the pinched-nosed policy-makers casting about for more
cheap smoke-screen legislation. And it's hardly a gift for those hoping to stick
to New Year's resolutions. But for others who have consigned their ashtrays to
Oxfam and forgotten how Santa used to light-up a Lucky Strike after his hard
night's work or who can savour the ironies of Christopher Columbus introducing
Amero-Indians to church incense before loading up with weed, it's a worthy
substitute to pass with the port."--Roger Cooter, The Lancet

Keith Miller Times Literary Supplement :
"Most people . . . will find plenty in it to delight them."--Times Literary

Ian Hicks The Sydney Morning Herald :
"Smoke is a skilful blend of broad scholarship and general appeal. Comprehensive
and well written, it is lavishly illustrated with pages of costly colour and its
production is a tribute to the modern printer's art. . . .It could hardly be
bettered as a conversation piece."--Ian Hicks, The Sydney Morning Herald

Cameron Woodhead The Age :
"Whether you're a committed smoker or a zealous guardian of public health, this
lush coffee-table book about the history of smoking is bound to
fascinate."--Cameron Woodhead, The Age

Modern Painters :
The contributors to Smoke provide some intriguing insights into the foggy
history of the twentieth century's romance with tobacco."--Modern Painters

Boston Globe :
"For Gilman and Zhou, smoking is an activity that helps define what it means to
be human. Their book . . . confirms the idea that smoking and the theatrical go
together."--Boston Globe

Product Details

Hardcover: 400 pages
Publisher: Reaktion Books (August 15, 2004)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1861892004



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