The Earth Machine: The Science of a Dynamic Planet

by Edmond A. Mathez (Author), James D. Webster (Author)

Editorial Reviews

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The authors are curators for the geology exhibit at the American Museum of
Natural History, and their overview is an accessible mixture of scientific and
popular knowledge. Mathez and Webster invariably select, for the purpose of
illustrating an important feature of our planet, the most spectacular and
best-known structures, such as the Grand Canyon, the Alps, or the Hawaiian
Islands. To answer our deep wondering about how such awe-filling sights formed,
Mathez and Webster narrate the same beguilement historically felt and
investigated by geology's founder, James Hutton, and succeeding scientists on
through to the makers of the plate tectonics revolution. By expressing curiosity
instead of declamatory didacticism, the authors furnish one of their stated
audiences--geology teachers--with a fine example for exciting students. With
numerous photographs and graphs, plus sidebars about how rock samples were
brought from the field to the New York museum, this survey offers a great
foundation for learning about the earth's profound connections, from its center to its atmosphere.


"This companion volume to the American Museum of Natural History's award-winning
Hall of Planet Earth exhibit by Mathez and Webster, the original co-curators,
offers readers an accessible guided tour of how our planet works from
interdisciplinary and scientific perspectives." -- Library Journal

"A handsome and well-written book, in full colour and jammed full of geological
information about the earth.... I commend the authors for the thoroughness,
accuracy and detail they give to so many parts of the Earth Sciences." -- Simon
Lamb, New Scientist

"This informative book... explores the major forces and factors that shaped and
continue to shape our planet." -- Rotunda

"A highly recommended text for any who would wonder what climates were like in
past times." -- Bookwatch

"This book...is outstanding among the many fine books on the subject available
today...A book of unusually widespread appeal. Highly recommended." -- Choice

"By means of well-chosen examples taken from nature as we find it, they provide
the best of contemporary approaches to, and conclusions about, the major
issues." -- Science Books & Films

"A thorough and yet easy-to-understand account of the origins of Earth... The
authors definitely know their stuff... But true to their vocations as educators,
as well as scientists, they do more than just educate in this volume; they also
thoroughly entertain." -- Beth Norton, Science Editor

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Hardcover: 378 pages
Publisher: Columbia University Press (June 2, 2004)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 023112578X



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