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Angel Dogs: Divine Messengers of Love

by Allen Anderson (Author), Linda Anderson (Author), Willard Scott (Foreword)

Editorial Reviews

From Publishers Weekly
We all know of dogs that have performed seemingly miraculous acts of mercy and
heroism. Some of the tales in the Andersons' latest tribute to the animal world
(after Angel Cats and Angel Animals) includes such stories, but the collection
goes even further: into the spiritual. Some of the stories involve dogs
returning after death to communicate with their owners. Fred Wickert, for
example, doesn't seem like the woo-woo type: a Vietnam vet, he'd had a long
career in the air force when he fell asleep one night while guarding Air Force
One and believes his late cocker spaniel, Freckles, came to him in the hangar
and wakened him before he was discovered sleeping on duty. Most of the stories
included here involve dogs in this life rather than the next, but are based on
the belief that dogs are spiritual creatures. Collie Zeke woke Diana Johnson at
3:30 a.m. to let her know her premature baby had stopped breathing, saving her
life. Bill Mann tells of the deep, spiritual bond between his father and Aussie,
who would break his chain to follow him on walks after Mann's father showed the
dog kindness one day. New Age dog lovers will be moved by these stories and find
their faith in their pets' heavenly nature affirmed.

Product Description

With a well-earned reputation as man's — as well as woman's — best friend, dogs
have an uncanny ability to sense exactly what their human friends need. Gathered
from thousands of stories Allen and Linda Anderson have received, as well as
their own experiences, Angel Dogs demonstrates that dogs are not only faithful
companions but also spiritual guides. Stories include the four-legged speech
therapist who helped a scared boy find his voice; the dog who came “special
delivery” through the mail at just the right moment in a family’s life; the dog
who helped guard Air Force One; dogs from the canine corps; service dogs; and
many others. The book also details new scientific findings on how dogs can save
lives, sniff out cancerous tumors, and warn epileptics of impending seizures.
Each story is followed by a short meditation that helps readers focus on the
messages of love that dogs bring to their lives.

Product Details

Paperback: 256 pages
Publisher: New World Library (September 12, 2005)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 157731493X



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