Native American Stories of the Sacred: Annotated & Explained

by Evan T. Pritchard (Author)

Book Description
Native American stories of the sacred are intended for more than entertainment:
they are teaching tales containing elegantly simple illustrations of
time-honored truths. From tales of Creation to "Why?" stories that help explain
the natural world around us, these stories highlight the sacredness of all life
and affirm that we are each an integral part of all that is holy.
Drawn from tribes across North America, these are careful retellings of
traditional stories such as Son of Light's quest to win back his captured wife
from the monstrous Man-Eagle; humble Muskrat's noble self-sacrifice to establish
solid land so other beings might live; Water Spider's creative solution for
retrieving fire for all the animals; and White Buffalo Calf Woman's profound
gift of the sacred pipe to the people. Each of the compelling stories in this
collection illustrates principles that can guide you on your own spiritual quest.

Now you can experience the wisdom of these teaching tales even if you have no
previous knowledge of Native American traditions. SkyLight Illuminations
provides insightful yet unobtrusive commentary that explains the cultural and
spiritual significance of the seemingly mundane objects found in these
stories--tobacco, gambling, even the exploits of mischievous tricksters such as
Coyote and Weasel--while gracefully drawing comparisons to Christian, Jewish,
Buddhist and Hindu religious traditions, among others. Whatever your spiritual
heritage, these Native American stories of the sacred are sure to delight and
inspire you with the sacredness of all Creation, and remind you that the earth
does not belong to us--we belong to the earth.

About the Author
Evan T. Pritchard, who is of Mi'kmaq and Celtic descent, is the director of the
Center for Algonquin Culture, based in Woodstock, New York, and is professor of
Native American studies and philosophy at Marist College. A musician and
storyteller, he lectures frequently around the U.S. and Canada, and is the
author of Native New Yorkers and No Word for Time.

Product Details

Paperback: 192 pages
Publisher: Skylight Paths Publishing; Annotated edition (October 2005)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1594731128



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