The Beginner's Guide to Natural Living

by Larry Cook (Author)

Product Description
The Beginner's Guide to Natural Living is a straightforward, well-researched,
comprehensive and easy to understand step-by-step guide to the hows and whys of
nearly every aspect of natural living. This book is an inspiring wealth of
information, and includes everything you need to know to implement lasting
change in your life and your health. Author Larry Cook, former publisher of two
popular natural living magazines, has finally encapsulated his in-depth
knowledge on natural living in book form. This book presents clear guidance on
everything from what to eat—and what NOT to eat—to how to choose quality natural
products, which supplements to use on a regular basis, how to chose a natural
doctor, why to go to a holistic dentist, and why and how to detoxify your body.
It should also inspire you to implement a confidence building exercise routine.
And just as important as the how is the why—the book provides a
thought-provoking exposé of the pervasive, toxic manipulation of our food supply
as well as an exploration of the realities of conventional medicine, which uses
a disease management and drug therapy model while simultaneously suppressing the
use of effective, all-natural treatment modalities. To help you further your
education in all of these matters, a thorough list of book suggestions is
provided throughout the book and collected in the Bibliography. Larry's detailed
explanations and generous advice (right down to shopping lists, recipes and meal
plans) make this guide an absolute gem if you want to know where to begin to
confidently change your lifestyle. Buy it today, follow his trustworthy
guidance, and begin reaping the many rewards of living the natural lifestyle!

About the Author
Larry Cook became a passionate advocate for natural living after reading John
Robbins' revolutionary book Diet for a New America. The book changed his life –
he became a vegetarian, lost 40 pounds and had more energy than ever before.
Larry’s success with this lifestyle and subsequent years of research inspired
him to publish two magazines devoted to natural living. He hired writers to
create custom articles on a wide variety of topics he was passionate about,
including the manipulation of our food supply, natural medicine, holistic
dentistry and environmental toxins, to name a few. The Natural Life News &
Directory – launched in 2000 – now boasts a circulation of 12,000 in Bozeman,
Montana, and the EcoVision Journal – launched in 2001 – enjoyed a wide, loyal
readership in Seattle, Washington until it was sold in 2002. In both cities the
magazines became a trusted authority on health, environmental and other natural
lifestyle issues. Larry’s current book, The Beginner’s Guide to Natural Living,
is an easy to assimilate encapsulation of the wide and detailed knowledge he
published in his magazines. Larry studied video/film production and photography
at Clover Park Vocational-Technical Institute in Tacoma, Washington, and
received his bachelor’s degree from The Evergreen State College in Olympia,
Washington. In addition to serving as a tireless advocate for natural living,
Larry is a photographer and works as a location sound mixer in the television
industry in Los Angeles.

Product Details

Paperback: 244 pages
Publisher: EcoVision Communications (June 1, 2005)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0975536184



Promoting Natural Foods, Natural Organic Farming, Natural Healing,
 Natural Lifestyles and Freedom of Choice in Holistic Healthcare