The Bipolar Advantage

by Tom Wootton (Author)

Editorial Reviews

Unorthodox, but wise perspectives that will help you look at your life in a
fresh light... A bipolar must. --Peter Russell (Author From Science to God, The
Global Brain Awakens)

Product Description
The Bipolar Advantage is about recognizing all of the aspects of the bipolar
condition. Wootton readily admits that "Advantage" is not the typical
interpretation of bipolar. Based on his Bipolar in Order Seminar that he has
developed over the past two years, it focuses on the positive approach to the
bipolar condition. It is about coming to an acceptance of yourself while
striving to become a better person. Learning to use Introspection to become
aware of who you REALLY are and learning to change your habits in order to
accentuate the positive aspects of the bipolar condition while minimizing the
negative. Turning bipolar into an advantage is accomplished by creating a vision
of who you want to be and putting together a plan to follow that will get you
there; as is done by every successful business in the world. As a successful
professional and someone who was misdiagnosed for years, Wootton has personally
experienced the good and the bad of this condition. Leading a DBSA group and
teaching the Bipolar in Order seminar has put Wootton in touch with the personal
stories of many bipolar people and their families. This positive approach with
tools and skills for improving life will be of help to everyone, both those with
bipolar and those who love and support them.

Product Details

Paperback: 200 pages
Publisher: Bipolar Advantage Publishers (October 25, 2005)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0977442306



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