The Essential Qigong Training Course: 100 Days to Increase Energy, Physical Health & Spiritual Well-Being

by Ken Cohen (Author)

Book Description
Now for the first time, qigong training is available in a comprehensive
home-study curriculum. You will learn more than 70 qigong practices for
harnessing the massive power of qi to create vitality, spiritual balance, and
physical health. Complete kit includes: a 100-page, weekly workbook of original
material that directs you step-by-step on this classical, life-changing course.
Qigong DVD workout offers you a complete, 90-minute programmable workout. 5
audio CD training course covers every phase of qigong theory and practice.
Qigong Healing DVD includes three hours of essential teachings and exercises to
learn how to direct the healing qi energy to others effectively and safely.

About the Author
Ken Cohen (Gao Han) is the Executive Director and founder of the Qigong Research
& Practice Center. He is a world-renowned health educator, China scholar, and
Qigong Master with more than thirty years experience. A former collaborator with
Alan Watts, he is the author of the internationally acclaimed book, The Way of
Qigong: The Art and Science of Chinese Energy Healing, best-selling self-healing
audio and video courses, and more than 150 journal articles. His work has been
translated into Chinese and numerous European languages.
Professor Cohen is a leader in the dialogue between ancient wisdom and modern
science. He was able to demonstrate unusual physiological control as one of 9
"exceptional healers" studied in the Menninger Clinic's Copper Wall Project. He
has lectured at medical schools, scientific conferences, and numerous
universities and is an Adjunct Professor at Union Institute Graduate School. His
work has been featured in USA Today, Newsweek, Time, Bottom Line, and National
Public Radio. He has taught more than 30,000 students.

Product Details

Paperback: 100 pages
Publisher: Sounds True (May 30, 2005)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1591790905



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