The Pesticide Detox: Towards a More Sustainable Agriculture

by Jules Pretty (Author)

Book Description
* Exposes the massive hidden health and environmental costs of rampant pesticide use
* Presents an array of cheaper, safer alternatives to pesticides used by millions of farmers around the world
* Written by leading international agricultural and biological scientists
supported by The Global Integrated Pest Management Facility of the FAO

Since the 1960s the worlds population has more than doubled and agricultural
production per person has increased by a third, largely because of widespread
pesticide use. Yet this growth in production has masked enormous hidden costs --
massive ecological damage and high incidences of farmer poisoning and chronic
health effects.

Yet in recent years millions of farmers in communities around the world have
been identifying harmful pesticides and developing cheaper and safer
alternatives. "The Pesticide Detox" explores the potential for the phasing-out
of hazardous pesticides and the phasing-in of cost-effective alternatives
already available on the market. This book makes clear that it is time to start
the pesticide detox and to move towards a more sustainable agriculture.

About the Author
Jules Pretty OBE, is Professor of Environment and Society at the University of
Essex, UK and Chief Editor of the International Journal of Agricultural
Sustainability. He is also the author of Agri-culture.

Product Details

Hardcover: 240 pages
Publisher: Earthscan Publications Ltd. (February 2005)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1844071413



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