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Grass-Fed Cattle

by Julius Ruechel (Author)

Product Description

With grass-fed beef popping up on menus across North America, and more
small-farm owners venturing into this growth area, the time is right for a
comprehensive book on how to raise, manage, and market grass-fed cattle.

Grass-Fed Cattle, the newest addition to Storey’s library of best-selling
livestock books, covers every aspect of raising and care, including herd
selection, breeding, yearly cycles, cultivating and maintaining healthy soil and
grass, fencing and pasture rotation, winter grazing, pests and diseases, and
necessary equipment.

Author Julius Ruechel, who has been raising beef cattle on his family’s farm
since his start as a 4-H member, packs this handbook with everything a farmer
needs to know, regardless of herd size and acreage. His advice and systems are
applicable to the smallest backyard hobby farms as well as the largest
commercial herds and ranches.

In addition to essential farming information, Ruechel devotes a major section of
the book to marketing. He discusses niche market opportunities, scheduling the
selling and buying of cattle for the greatest profit, finishing the beef and
arranging for slaughter, labeling, dynamic marketing, and financial planning and
record keeping. He also includes chapters specially addressed to the
conventional farmer who is transitioning to natural production, the farmer who
is considering leasing or buying land, and the farmer who wishes to pursue
organic certification.

The first book of its kind, Grass-Fed Cattle is an indispensable, authoritative
reference for anyone interested in raising cattle or looking for a profitable
farm venture.

From the Back Cover
Join the movement toward safe, healthy, sustainable grass-fed cattle farming.
Take advantage of the naturally efficient relationship between cattle and
pasture to create a profitable, financially stable enterprise, regardless of the
size of your farm, the climate where you live, or your current farming

Cattle are wonderfully adept at converting grass into meat, fat and milk. Here,
Julius Ruechel gives you the management and marketing tools you need to meet
your personal, financial and farming goals. Whether you are beginning a new
enterprise or changing from a more conventional feeding and management system,
Grass-Fed Cattle offers complete information on running a profitable,
environmentally sustainable farm based on the efficiency of cattle and grass.

Product Details

Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: Storey Publishing, LLC (July 1, 2006)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1580176054



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