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Malignant Medical Myths: Why Medical Treatment Causes 200,000 Deaths in the USA each Year

by Joel, M. Kauffman PhD (Author)

Product Description

A fearless exposé of mainstream medicine’s most revered dogma, Malignant Medical
Myths is solidly based on trusted medical and nutritional books and journals.

Americans spend $2 trillion per year on health care, about $7,000 each, yet it
buys almost the poorest healthcare among developed countries, with 200,000
deaths per year from medical treatment. Find out why advice from authorities on
screening tests, drugs, diet, exercise, alcohol, radiation, radon, and water
fluoridation is often wrong and commercially motivated. See how clinical trials
are slanted. Understand how “sickness” is created to sell treatments, and which
government agencies support these shenanigans.

About the Author
Joel M. Kauffman obtained a BS in Chemistry from the Philadelphia College of
Pharmacy and Science, now called University of the Sciences in Philadelphia
(USP), and a PhD in Organic Chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of
Technology. After 11 years of experience in the chemical industry, Dr. Kauffman
joined USP in 1979, rising to Professor of Chemistry. His experience includes
about 10 years of exploratory drug development at USP and 4 years at the
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. He obtained grants and
contracts from many sources including the National Institutes of Health, the
Department of Energy, the Office of Naval Research and the Army Research Office
and several manufacturing companies. With 80 papers on chemical and medical
topics, and 11 patents, including 2 on antituberculosis drugs, Dr. Kauffman has
turned his attention to exposing fraud in medicine.

Product Details

Paperback: 326 pages
Publisher: Infinity Publishing (January 30, 2006)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0741429098



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